Monday, June 20, 2016

Race Recap: BOH Eco Trail 2016

We quickly signed up for this race when we saw it was open for registration! Having done the earlier trail run by BOH a couple of years back, we craved for more run time in their beautiful tea plantation!

This time, the BOH Plantations Bukit Cheeding tea garden made an inspiring backdrop for 600 participants of the BOH Eco Trail 2016. We've got our trail shoes on by Reebok! Of course, Lucozade was a must-have item for our run.

At the flag off for the Run, Ms Caroline Russell, CEO of BOH Plantations said, “Many of us are not aware of this special forest with its unique flora and fauna, just off the Elite Highway."

Set amidst acres of tea bushes interspersed with tall coconut and oil palm trees, participants of the 8km charity Run had the unique opportunity of running through BOH’s Tea Garden which is rarely open to public.

And the views are too pretty to ignore. We’ve just have to take lots of break to snap some selfies along the way!

The key highlight was certainly the privileged access given to us into a restricted section of the adjacent Kuala Langat North Forest Reserve (KLNFR).

All the proceeds of the run will be donated towards the Peatland Forest Ranger Programme.

Would you say no to fresh young coconut drink? Nobody said no to these coconut, which were plucked from the BOH coconut plantation within the land itself. Lovely!

It was really a pleasant run. What made it more special - all proceeds from the registration fees for BOH Eco Trail 2016, totalling RM 28,000 were channelled to the Global Environment Centre (GEC), a regional non-profit organisation committed to work on environmental issues of global importance.

As part of the highlights during the run, we were treated to a showcase of Orang Asli performance. Handicrafts made from kulit kayu terap were also in display and for sale. All these items are made using wood and other materials sourced within KLFNR.

We hope BOH will continue to organise trail runs in their plantation! Thank you for opening your doors to us runners to help create awareness about the environment!

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