Monday, June 27, 2016

Race Recap: Onesie Runsie 2016

For those uninitiated, Onesie was originally a term for an infant bodysuit, but in the 2000s has become a commonly used word for loose-fitting casual jumpsuits for adults! They come in various shapes and designs!

For the Onesie Runsie event held in Lake Garden on 29 May, we ordered out onesie online. We opted for a more "Malaysian" design - the Maybank Tiger! Heheh!

We didn't have time to test run the onesie but we had anticipated that it was going to heat up due to its fleece-like material. So, before the start of the run, we ensured that we were properly hydrated by having a chilled bottle of Lucozade! Yummy!

Honestly, we were a bit disappointed with the low number of onesie-wearing runners at the start line.

It was not made compulsory to wear onesie in the run but why go to a onesie run if you didn't wear one? We spotted a bunch of runners in tiger onesies roaring to go!

For those who dress-up to the occasion, we thank you! Thank you for he selfies too. Some onesies were too cute to ignore!

We were sweating buckets in the onesie but we kept moving!

The run took us around the lake twice! The inside of the onesie was dripping with sweat! It was like a personal sauna.

We finished the run nonetheless without getting heat-stroke. Heheh!

Running in onesie was indeed fun but we wished that we would have chosen a lighter material. Anyway, we were glad that we were well-hydrated before the run.

Specially formulated to improve hydration, the carbohydrates in Lucozade provide energy while electrolytes help to replace the sodium lost in sweat. Great tasting too!

See you next year Onesie Runsie!

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