Monday, July 25, 2005

Going Fruity Over Fruit

Fruit Galore! Posted by Picasa After a morning of Power walking, I took the opportunity to replenish the energy at Putrajaya by going to the Jom Makan Buah Promotion organized by Taman Warisan Pertaninan. All I can eat for RM8. When I arrived with some colleagues of mine at about 11am, the promo site was already swarmed with people, busy stuffing their faces with durians, mangosteens, langsats, honey limes and pulasans. Without much ado, we attacked the durian section like starving fruit bats. I raised the white flag after 4 medium sized durians. Good stuff but too much of a good thing can make you puke. Hehe! I headed to the mangosteen section and find me a spot between the mangosteens and a huge waste disposal. It was a very convenient spot to dispose of the skin after eating the flesh. I love juicy mangosteens. Next ambush – the pulasan. Pulasan is a spiky fruit, which you have to “twist” to open. Its name is derived from “pulas” meaning “twist”. The inside looks very much like the hairy rambutan. The taste is slightly different, though. By the time I finished with Pulasan, I didn’t have more rooms for the langsats and honey limes.

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