Monday, July 25, 2005

Hungry for Fruit Posted by Picasa All in all, it was a very good promotion. I heard, they were out of fruit by 1:00pm and had to replenish. I am not surprised as they were many greedy people not only take more than what they can eat; they also bagged the fruit up to take home. When I say bag, I mean really big bag. I saw a couple looted the fruit in a black garbage bag. Awful! Simply awful! I saw parents putting fruit into their children’s cribs. I saw a lady stuffing pulasan in her bag. What kind of mentality was that? Where did it come from? Scarcity? Plain Ol’ Greed! Why can’t people just take enough for them and let everyone the opportunity to share the rest? No wonder there is still poverty in the world even though there should be enough food for everybody! (Insert sigh here!) The organizer had the same shortage problem yesterday. But I guess, some people will just never learn from their mistakes. (Insert another sigh here!).

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