Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Autographed SEPET DVD Posted by Picasa

The cast moved around the Starbucks mezzanine floor, obliging for photographs and autographs from their adoring fans. Heheh! Not to be left out, I whipped out my silver liner and went around asking for signatures. Always come prepared for this type of event. The silver liner looked nice on my black Gubra Notebook. BW’s preparation was even better. He printed out some beautiful 4R pictures of the Gubra stars for autograph. I brought a SEPET DVD, a SEPET VCD and a RABUN VCD (thinking Yasmin would come too). So, I only get the SEPET stuff signed off. Guess, I have to wait for another time to get my RABUN VCD autographed. Note: For those who can’t decide to buy the SEPET VCD or DVD, get the VCD instead. It is uncensored.

It was a delightful experience meeting the cast of Gubra. We missed Yasmin Ahmad. I hope to meet my favourite Malaysian film director one fine day. GUBRA BOLEH!

Acknowledgement: Thank you to BW for sharing his photos for this blog. A bundle of thanks to Cinemaonline for organising this event and the great Movie Carnival.

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