Sunday, April 02, 2006

Hung Up on Puzzle Posted by Picasa

2:00pm. ½ hours to work on the logo puzzles. The puzzle pieces were hanged high up to the ceiling of the tents outside the mall. Thank God, I brought my camera. So I took all the pictures and we went back inside to the comfort of air conditioning to solve the puzzle.

What about our treasures? BW already taken care of the first one, which was quite straight forward – we just have to buy something within RM1 and RM2 from any shop in the mall. The second one really got us guessing. We arrived at an executive decision to “tembak” the answers. ALAMANDA cut out (clue= scissors) the MAN = ALADA. What is ALADA? A lada!!! A chili?? I ran to Carrefour to buy something “chili”. Chili sauce? Chili paste? Chili Powder? Chili Boh? Was there an “A” brand for chili? Went to the spice rack to check for possible answers but finally decided to buy ONE fresh chili. (A = One; Lada = Chili)

Sharks! At the counter, the sale girl refuse to sell me ONE chili. I had to buy at least four to tip the scale. Desperately, I ran back to the vegetable section and pick up another 3. I am not sure if Chili was the right answer but to submit something is better than none.

We submitted our answer just a couple of minutes before 2:30pm. (Insert Phew! Here)

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