Sunday, April 02, 2006

Beep! Beep! Here We Come!

What? Alamanda Carnival Walk Hunt

Where? Alamanda Shopping Mall, Putra Jaya

When? April Fool's Day - 1 April 2006 (Saturday).

All my weekends in March were filled by road races – KL Marathon, Orange Run, ING Thailand Temple Run, Guardian Charity Walk and Saberkas RH Marathon. March indeed was a busy month. So, in April I decided to “take a little break” by joining a treasure walk hunt.

My brain was a bit rusty for treasure hunt. My last hunt was in September last year. I spent Friday night reading my “past year questions” like a student trying to cramp everything up to my brain last minute WHILE watching American Idol. Yikes! I knew was in trouble.

I arrived at Alamanda Shopping Mall about 11:15am after commuting by KTM, KLIA Transit and Nadi Putra Bus. Phew! That was alotta commuting. Met with BW and YPH on the KLIA Transit train. YPH was still groggy as she just got back from Bangkok late last night. One the other extreme, BW was bursting with energy, roaring to go for the hunt. I think this dude was high on something. Heheh!

We went to RASA Food Court for a snack after registering. The goodies bag was nothing to shout about. There were some food vouchers, a copy of BLOOM (Alamanda guide which came in handy as it has the floor directory) and last but not least an event sticker. No event t-shirt. (What?) Hunters found many creative ways to paste it on their bodies. Some placed it on the thigh. Some placed it on the shoulder. Some pasted it on the back. Some pasted it on the chest. Some plastered it on the biceps. Some pasted it on the tummy. It couldn't stick on my tummy. My tummy getting rounder and rounder each day. It is difficult to stick a flat sticker on a round surface. Heheh! So, I put it on my arm instead.

We were set off at 12:00pm after a short briefing session. Four sections to complete within 2 ½ hours – hunt questions, treasures, spot the Alamanda sticker and Alamanda logo puzzle.

We scurried to QS photo to duplicate the question sheets. Sharks! The Photostat machine was out of order. That called for Plan B – divide and conquer. I took the G floor section while BW and YPH took the LG floor and the rest of the questionnaire.

Being runners indeed give us some kind of edge. We did not tire easily. We were aware the importance of hydration (which contributed me walking in and out of the loos) At times, I had to keep reminding myself not to walk so fast that I could have missed some important clues or answers.

I got stuck with a few questions on the G Floor after going a few rounds in the mall. Time to change. I called up BW and swap floor with him. Went LG. Good strategy. Managed to solve a couple more questions on the LG floor whole BW managed to get a few more. YPH was busy looking for the stickers. We only got 9 of 10. YPH had to be very careful because there were some “dummy” stickers which design look similar to the actual to confuse the hunters. Good job guys!

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