Thursday, April 13, 2006

Running With Muruku

Water, Muruku and T-Shirt Posted by Picasa

Deepavali kinda comes early this year courtesy of Mydin, the major sponsor for Larian Mesra Rakan Cop. I collected a bagful of mixed crunchy and spicy Muruku (400gm) and a bottle of water along with my T-shirt and running bib this evening.

I rushed to the Police Headquarter in the city center to collect my running kit after work. I reached at 6:00pm on the dot, another minute later they would have close the collection counter. I was sweating like crazy after dashing from LRT station to another and then up the hill towards the Police Headquarter building. Seeing me sweating and panting like a mad dog, one of the policemen over at the counter actually offered me a can of H-TWO-O (lemon line flavour). How very nice of him! So “mesra”! Heheh!

The t-shirt motive is colourful. A tri-colour eagle wing spans from bottom right to top left. I actually quite like the design and colour. Not gonna be arrested by the fashion police with this tee.

I left the Police Headquarter only to be greeted with rain. Sharks! I hope the weather will be sunny this weekend for Friendly Run with Cops (Larian Mesra Bersama Polis).

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