Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Amazing Malaysian Dancing Cops

As I was getting down from my bus in front of Sunway Pyramid, I heard load music was playing. Of course without delay, I took my camera out (never leave home without it) and went closer to see what was going on.

I was shocked to see a group of Polis Di Raja Malaysia in uniform dancing their butts off in unison to the band.

Wowow! It is not everyday that you get to see our law enforcers getting their grooves on like that....LOL!

Hmmmm....Our Malaysian Cops taking a break from chasing after Ah Longs, eradicating Mat Rempits and putting snatch thieves behind bars, to entertain us. (Insert eye rolling ceremony here!)

You just gotta see this....


Note: Soundtrack: Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) by Beyonce. I took the liberty to jazz up the cops performance with a little sex appeal. Heheh!

The original song was a dated Thai Cha Cha number. I hope I wont get arrested for this....LOL!

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