Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mr. Perak 2009

What? Mr. Perak Bodybuilding Competition

Where? Ipoh Parade, Perak

When? 20 June 2009

I was in Ipoh last weekend. Not for The Star Walk though but for Mr. Perak 2009 and some makan and photo shooting trip.

Arrived around 1 pm at Ipoh Parade, just in time to catch the competition.

The "Terminator" pose. :)

Let it rip! This was my second time shooting a body building event. So, I more or less understand the flow of the event and the various compulsory poses that the contestants had to show.

Competition categories: Novice, Junior (21 YO below), Master (45 YO and above), Bantam Weight (65kg below), Light Weight (65kg – 75kg), Middle Weight (75kg – 85kg) and Heavy Weight (85kg above).

The Champion of the Champions.

A final showdown by the 4 winners from the various Open categories, vying for Mr. Perak title.

A different angle for a different pose.

Salute, MR. PERAK - Faizal Hassan from TLDM.

I think the songs selection for freestyle posing were ridiculous. Obviously the DJ was not prepared and had no sense of music at all. The songs he played belong either to a "joget lambak" or a fun fair.

Malaysian Body Building deserves better MUSIC! And we do not need "Wind of Change" to be played like ten thousand times during the freestyle posing!

Among the hilarious song choices were "Cindai" by Siti Nurhaliza..(???) and a song by a now defunct Euro techno group, "Smile" - Butterfly, that goes..

Ai yai yai

I'm your little butterfly

Green, black, and blue, make the colours in the sky

I've been searching in the woods

And high upon the hills

Just to find, to find my samurai

Someone who won't regret

To keep me in his net

Yes, I need, I need my samurai....


Anyway, check out the video I made....with a thumping soundtrack. No more Wind of Change, Butterfly...or Cindai! LOL!

Managed to squeeze a 5 hours event into an 8 minute video. Check out the "Terminator" freestyle pose at the start! Very very creative! Too bad they do not have a prize for best poser.


Note: Soundtrack - A Mash up of The Power (SNAP!) vs The Final Countdown (Europe)

Click the link for my Picasa Photo Gallery. If you download anything, do say thank you in the comments. Your feedback is appreciated.

More photos from Mr. Perak Bodybuilding Competition.

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