Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Heroes And Villains March @ Movie Carnival

What? Heroes and Villains March (Movie Carnival)

Where? Sunway Pyramid, PJ

When? 7 June 2009

Who? Organised by Cinema Online

Heheh! Not your average walk event...The participants didn’t turn up with their sport wear but instead elaborate costumes of their favourite movie characters.

The walk event where everyone didn’t bother about speed. In fact they walked slowly and stop to pose for photographs.

The Heroes and Villains March was held in conjunction with the Movie Carnival at Sunway Pyramid.

You get The Joker...(from The Dark Knight). Fantastic make-up there! LOL!

The bunch from Hogwarts...and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

Papa Darth and his Stormtroopers.

The Poison Ivy (played by the luscious Uma Thurman in Batman & Robin)

The Joker again...

Nemesis from Resident Evil. (Insert grunt sound effect here)

Princess Giselle from Enchanted....

Poison Ivy blowing kisses in the wind. And all the male species in the mall fainted....Kidding!

The finalists of the best Heroes and Villains Marcher.

Two Jack Sparrows shaking hands after a drunken walk face-off....for the Best Marcher.

This drunkard won....and took home a Samsung TV.

One for the group picture....

And now for the video. I followed the march from start to end. Sweated buckets for it but no water station in sight. Heheh! But the route was just around the Sunway Pyramid mall...

There were two annoying hosts of some Chinese show (I am not sure from what channel, but not the channel I would watch anyway). They tried to act all cutesy but got most of the movie characters all wrong....Can't even tell who is Jack Sparrow and who is Jack Black...Please do your research first before you on air...:P


What we like about the Heroes and Villains March.

1) The friendly people behind the masks and costumes. Ever so obliging to pose for photographs! Bravo! Thank you!

2) The beautiful and stunning costumes. I'm sure lots of time, money and effort have been spent. Thanks for putting up a brilliant show.

3) Poison Ivy. (Insert wolf whistle here! Heheh!)

What we would like to see more in the future:

1) Involvement of local filmmakers, directors and actors. Perhaps get local celebrities to dress in their favourite costumes...

2) Charity or community work. One thing that came to mind - perhaps organiser could get some corporate sponsors to dress up kids from the orphanages and make their superheroes (or villians) dreams come true.

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