Monday, June 15, 2009

College Model Angel 2009 (Top 40 Finalists)

What? College Model Angel 2009

Where? Sunway Pyramid, PJ

When? 14 June 2009

Who? Organised by INTI University College.

40 beauties from our very own Malaysia, some African countries, Mongolia, China, Myanmar and even Russia took part in this event! They are shortlisted from thousands of Malaysia's part-time or full-time students from any colleges or universities or any equivalent level of institutes.

Hot college girls in hot pants!

In da hood!

Three rounds in that day contest. First, they paraded in clothes sponsored by Kitschen.

Don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?

Foreign beauty....

Angels and Models.

The second round saw the girls showing off the latest netbook by Sony Viao in different poses.

Some very sensual...some very wooden...some are downright "hiao" Heheh!

I saw one contestant placed the Sony Viao on her behind while posing. She might have some fine piece of @$$ but it is considered very bad feng shui if you ask me! LOL!

No advertisers (except toilet seat makers) would want their products to be photographed that way! LOL! See video.

I saw more pouts than smiles in the competition....

I think they should smile more, showing off the sweet, bubbly, innocent "angelic" personalities than trying too hard to be sexually-charged maneaters!

Then again...what do I know? Heheh! Whatever it is, my camera love them.....


Soundtrack: Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) (Maurice Joshua Club Mix)

If you wanna see more of the girls, click the link below.

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