Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Japan Super GT International Series Race Queens

What? Japan Super GT International Series 2009

Where? Sepang Circuit, Malaysia

When? 21 June 2009

Who? Race Queens (Japan best's import since instant noodles)

It was a hot and wet day at Sepang. First it was hot. Then it rained. Then the temperature rose again when the Race Queens came up on the stage. I really enjoyed my last Sunday outing! Thanks to MBA for the free tickets!

If you were to throw a stone at the Sepang Circuit that day, you would definately hit a DSLR camera! So many photogs around....

These belongs to my shooting gang, obviously Nikon fanboys....

More than meets the eyes?

The gorgeous Rose Chan.

Wanna go for a ride?

Ma ma ma Yokohama! :)

Who is cuter?

A wholesome threesome?

Contestants of Miss Malaysia - Universe 2009.


The Singha Beer lady. Purrrrs.....

The car...Heheh! One picture only. The race queens make better shooting subject. LOL!

I got to take photo with these two Eneos Race Queen. :) The sweet and beautiful, Yukie Morikawa and Megumi Furusawa.

Ishimatsu Queens: Tokyo’s Girls - Marie & Sanko. Looking pretty in pink!

The Field Bomex Ladies – Emi, Aika and Megumi. Boom! Boom! Wow! They bring sexybacks to the circuit! Check out the last photos.....to see what I mean.

Another crowd's favourite - The Zent Sweeties (Mayu, Chika, Junko & Kaori)

Not sure what team are these but they sure look hot in black!

The GT Queens...Sweet, bubbly and sooooooo adorable.

Raybrig Race Queen – Mai, seen here giving away an autographed T-Shirt.

GMA Kondo Racing Team Queens – Kana, Chika, Yuko, Motoka. I could not help cracking up when I heard the name Motoka....Sound like Motorcar! Vrrrroooom! :)

Weds Sport Race Queen - Mika.

Sayonara! Bye Bye, The Field Bomex Ladies! Please come BACK next year!

And now the videos.....

Part 1

This video is compilation of clips taken around the mall area at Sepang, highlighting various leng luis from various booths and sponsors.

Soundtrack: Umbrella (Reggae Remix) – Rihanna. I was inspired by the umbrellas that the girls were carrying at the circuit.

Reloaded with Boom (Bimbo Jones Club Mix) by Anjulie.

Part 2

This one is exclusively of the world famous Japan-mali RaceQueens. Gorgeous gorgeous girls in super hot costumes! (Insert nosebleed here!)

Their English are limited but they are not here to impress you with their oral ability, aren’t they?


Click the link for my Picasa Photo Gallery. If you download anything, do say thank you in the comments. Your feedback is appreciated.

More hot photos from Japan Super GT International Series - Race Queens.

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