Thursday, July 16, 2009

Jaz Wit Gillian Chung 鍾欣桐

Barely one month after Edison Chen made his appearence in Bangsar, KL to open a boutique, his partner in crime bed, Gillian is here today in Malaysia to promote a locally brewed beer - JAZ.

Since the event was just a stone throw away from my home, I made a point to go....and be a busybody paparazzi. Heheh!

A bunch of die-gard red.

Gillian arrived in style no less - in a helicopter!

Gillian is now endorsing more "adult" products - jeanswear and now a brand of beer. Gone were the teenybopper persona from her previous Cantopop duo, TWINS. She was dropped by Disney and Beijing Olympic when the sex scandal with Edison Chen broke in 2008.

The security was very tight. Big burly bodyguards who are not the kindest people in the world! Sickening! LOL!

I didn't get the chance to get close to Gillian. Anyway, hope you like the pics.

According to the Jaz head honcho, Gillian was chosen to be Jaz ambassador because she dares to be different, gutsy and adventurous! Yes. Very adventurous indeed.(Insert head nodding here)

Gillian latest project is a period drama, currently shooting in HK.

When asked why she choose Jaz, she mentioned that Jaz is nice to drink....Very safe answer that was. Heheh!

Her appearance on stage was less than 10 mins.

She was ushered to a bar nearby for a press conference after that.

Well, Good for her. She is slowly picking herself up and move back to the limelight after her career was destroyed by the sex scandal with Edison Chen.

Good luck to Gillian! Malaysia loves you! :)

Mmmm....Jaz is the best thing ever I have put in my mouth since....erm nevermind... ;)

Note: Soundtrack - I Poke Her Face (Poker Face) by Kid Cudi feat Lady Gaga & Kanye West. I used the instrumental version because the one with vocal/ rap is too explicit for this blog. LOL!

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