Friday, July 10, 2009

Taman Safari Indonesia II (Part 2 - The Walk About)

We were all hungry after the ride throught the safari. So, we looked for the restaurant located in the middle of the Taman Safari. I ordered Sop Buntut! No, it is not made of a piece of ass. It's actually ox-tail soup!

After a hearty lunch, we took a stroll around the zoo. This time around, I could take my own sweet time to photograph the animal and not confined into a stuffy van.

This is Orang Belanda (Dutchman) or Proboscis Monkey.

Check out the nose...:)

Cheetah waiting to be fed.

Life in a box. Visitors pay a few thousand rupiahs to have their photo taken with these cuties.

Beauty and the beast? The tiger looked like it was heavily sedated throughout the photograph taking session.

A pygmy hippo enjoying swim.

My first encounter with Komodo Dragon. I read so many horror stories about this giant carnivour but they look kinda "tame" and sluggish in the zoo. LOL!

Feeding time....Chomp! Chomp! KFC - Komodo Fresh Chicken.

Phyton. Slither! Slither!

O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?

A Siberian white tiger dipping its paws into water to cool down on a hot sunny afternoon.

Fierce but gorgeous face.

I enjoyed the experience at the Taman Safari Indonesia. Great place to "shoot" animals, if you are a photography enthusiast.

What I don't quite enjoy is the "take a photo with the animal" booth. The tiger and the lion looked like they were heavily sedated. The baby lion looked stressed when it was held by a white woman....(see video).

What animal painted these beautiful T-Shirts?

Find out the answer in the video. Also check out the cute baby orangutans and the Komodo Dragons.


Coming next: The Magical Mt. Bromo.

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