Tuesday, July 14, 2009

McDonald's Olympic Day Run 2009

What? Olympic Day Run 2009

Where? Dataran Merdeka, KL

When? 12 July 2009

Who? Sponsored by ol' McDonald....E.i.e.i.o!

About 4,000 plus runners participated in the biggest ever Olympic Day Run, presented by McDonald's at Dataran Merdeka last Sunday. It was the 4th year that McD has collaborated with the OCM for the run.

I didn't run this time around but just to soak in the atmosphere and of course self-appointed myself as the videographer for my running pals.

It was a fun fun run! Runners get to Hi-5 Ronald McDonald. I was expecting him to be erm.....taller. LOL!

I froze in fright as I was swarmed by an incoming wave of kiddies runners when I was standing in the middle of the road while recording the flag off. I was so engrossed with the recording until I didn't realize that it was too late to run away!

Also loved the dancing Smart Kids and the impromptu b-boys dancing!

Check 'em up here.


Ever wonder how far you gotta run to burn off a BIG MAC?

One Big Mac contains 484Cal of Energy. (Source:


Use "Calorie Counter by Distance" below to calculate your calorie burned per km.


Input your weight in kg, and "1" km in the distance column. The result is the calories burned if you run 1km.

Then divide 484cal by that number that you've got.

That is how far you gotta run to burn off a Big Mac!

So, for a 70kg guy like me, I have to run about 7.7km to burn off a Big Mac...LOL!

In that case, one round of Olympic Run (7km) is hardly enough. And that's without adding the fries and softdrink calories!

But like what they say, IT'S WHAT I EAT AND WHAT I DO!

So, after I eat, I must DO!

OK...I better go hit the tarmac soon....Happy Running!

p/s. I hope the Math explanation above is clear. I don't have to use Bahasa Malaysia to explain it, do I? LOL!

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