Tuesday, July 21, 2009

THE SHOUT! AWARDS: The Best Butt Award Goes To....

I was at SHOUT! Awards last Friday night. I was so happy that they allowed camera in. Yay! I could play paparazzi! Had a blast at the red carpet where the local celebs arrived in style....but I seriously think the red carpet was too short.

The SHOUT! Awards were created to give recognition to those who have made great impact and creative breakthroughs in Malaysian music, film, TV and radio. The Top 5 nominees were determined by an independent panel of judges consisting of tastemakers and experts representing the broadcast, music and film industry.

Viewers voted for their favorite nominations of each category via online voting at the Shout! Awards’s official website.

I entered the Putra Stadium after I had enough of red carpet glitz. Too much glitter is not good for the eyes! The staduim was already filled with people.

The crowd was happening. Screaming Shouting girls and boys.

But the place where I stood sucked!.....I didn’t really get a good views of the winners accepting their awards. All I got was the backside views! All the full moon glory!

Well...I can’t complain much since it was a free ticket. I gotta make the best out of the situation and here’s runwitme, proudly presents to you…

“The Best Butt Award!”

(Insert thunderous applause here)

The nominees who pack most junk in their trunks are.....

Sizzling red hot, Sarah Lian & Juliana Evans (hidden)

Booty-licious Yasmin Hani and Sazzy Falak.

The towering Deborah Henry (Miss Malaysia 2007) and Now Every Butt Can Fly Boss, Tony Fernandez.

Nenek Kebayan? No, It's Dynas Mokhtar - accepting the Most Stylish Award. Yikes! She turned up in a dress that resembled a bunch of black trash bags sown together. Most stylish, my @$$! LOL!

The cheeky girls - Jojo Struys (Oh! La! La!) & Diana Rusdi!

Shafinaz's ruffled behind and Paul Moss.

Jaclyn Victor's cute lil tush.

Sheila Majid's jazz diva derrière.

Sean Kingston's King Kong Sized Behind.

And the Best Butt Award goes to....(Insert drum rolls here)

That Marion Caunter chick sure deserved to win. She also took home the HOT CHICK AWARD that night.

I caught her arriving in a limo to the red carpet earlier. A sudden gush of wind almost gave her the Marilyn Monroe's skirt lift moment....How I wished the wind were stronger! Heheh!

Check out the video here.


Disclaimer: This post is a parody. If the owners of the curvaceous behinds get offended and want their butt pictures removed, please send me a written request and an AUTOGRAPH! Thanks!

If you want more of SHOUT! AWARDS, please click links to my videos below.




And of course the whole SHOUT! Awards show ain't gonna be over till the fat lady boy sings....


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For a complete list of winners, please visit The Official SHOUT! AWARDS website.

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