Monday, July 13, 2009

LunarGlide+ Trial at Nike Malaysia

What? Nike LunarGlide+ Trial

Where? Nike Malaysia, The Curve.

When? 9 July 2009 4pm

Who? National Athletes/ Celebs present - Azura Zainal, Yuan Yu Fang, Kimberly Yap, Sarah Lian, DJ Rudy, DJ Jakeman.

Running is no rocket science. Just shuffle your feet back and forth as fast as you can....

But it's a different story with the shoes.....(Insert wink here!)

Yours truly was invited to try on a pair of the recently launched, Nike LunarGlide+ by the generous people if Nike Malaysia at The Curve, Mutiara Damansara.

Introducing...LunarGlide+ Men

The lightweight running shoe is designed with an innovative midesole architecture called Dynamic Support.

So, what is this Dynamic Support all about?

It is comprised of a LunarLite Foam core (yellow) that sits within a firmer foam carriage (orange).

It provides cushioning and stability while intuitively adapting to the runner's gait with each step.

The fairer coloured design for the fairer sex?

The female version of the shoe differs not only in colour but has a women specific designs based on their key physical atttributes.

The women's Nike LunarGlide+ upper incorporate a medial side Arch Strap teamed with Flywire technology to provide better lockdown hench support for the feet.

According to Nike, women tend to have broader forefeet which can lead to fit issue like abrasion and bunions. The women LunrGlide has a stretchy material (Dynamic Fit Tech) to accomodate the varying width of the female forefoot. So, running will be less restrictive and they can slide and glide with ease! :)

Attentive audience it seemed!

After the classroom briefing, we were all geared up to take the shoe for a trial run. was raining outside!

Run in the rain? Me OK with it but I was more worried about getting BRAND NEW SHOES wet! Heheh!

Anyway, nobody objected in running in the rain drizzle. So, off we went.....taking the spanking new Glide+ for a ride. Hey! It rhymes! LOL!

Stretching execise before the run.....led by the NY marathoner, Jamie Pang. :)

I joined the first half of the run and then waited for the runners to come back at the traffic light after they made a loop around the housing area there. Not that I was lazy to run but I wanted to catch all the actions from the other runners.

The run was cut short of the initial 5km (for elite' hardcore runners) and 2km (not so elite runner like me...Heheh!) No thanks to the rain!

Everyone got back to the Nike office safely. The rain didn't dampen the excitement over the new LunarGlide+ shoes. I heard mostly positive responses from my running pals.

Verdict: Personally, I like it very much. Good fit. Light. It is much harder/ sturdier than Lunar Trainer. I will be posting a proper review after I take it for a 10K spin at the Men's Health Run @ Putrajaya end of the month.

p/s If you're wondering whose legs were featured in the prelude post, please find out in the video below.

Also check out the ultra cool decor in Nike office and the sweet babes on the run. :)


Acknowledgments: A BIG THANK YOU to NIKE MALAYSIA for the invite.

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