Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The Crowning of Miss World Malaysia 2009

It was the first time ever Miss World Malaysia being held in a shopping mall. I love it because I can shoot the event more freely without having to pay up to my nose for the ticket.

I rushed from Putra Stadium, Bukit Jalil after watching 5:00pm Malaysian Open Tennis Tournament to Bandar Sunway. Asha Gill...The Host.

The show was already started when I reach the Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall. The girls were parading on stage with their kebayas and umbrellas.

I took some pictures and then made a 400 m dash to Euphoria dance club to get my entry wrist band to the HOT Magazine 5th Anniversary Party.

Then I made another dash back to Sunway Pyramid for the rest of the Miss World Malaysia show.

You can stand under my umbrella · (Ella ella eh eh eh)

Throwing flower petals into the wind...

Sunway Pyramid concourse was converted into a stage.

Sweet or not?

Who is this girl? Apparently the producer of the show didn't think they tortured the audience enough when this girl belted "My Heart Will Go On" at the audition for Miss World.

She was brought back for the finals. Erm...The voice that can sink a thousand ships! Heheh!

Evening gown. I must have missed the swimsuit parade! Dang!

Tense moment. Who will take took home the tiara?

Thanuja Ananthan, a 23 year old law student was crowned Miss World Malaysia 2009.

She was a finalist last year. She persisted this year and emerged a winner! Great stuff for a biography! :)

The first runner up was Stefanie Chua (right), while Christy Yeoh (left) was the second runner up.

Thanuja will be in London to participate in various Miss World activities next month before the big day in Johannesberg, South Africa on Dec 12

I also grabbed the opportunity to take a pic with Soo Wincci (last year’s winner) when I saw her “backstage”. Since it was held at the shopping mall, the backstage was quite accessible to the public.

Check out the crowning of Miss Malaysia 2009 video here. Her tiara kept dropping off from her head. Maybe they should invent superglue to fix the tiara to her head. Erm...Maybe more hairspray should do the trick?


Overheard in the crowd....

"Why they have to invite foreign judges like that American Top Model fler. They should hire local judge like Chua Soi Lek."


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