Sunday, October 18, 2009

Madonna Celebration Party @ Quattro, Kuala Lumpur

The celebrities were not even there but their record companies were throwing parties for them anyway. First it was Beyonce which happened last Thursday night. It was the Queen of Pop, Madonna's turn yesterday.

Madonna was probably nuzzling her toy boy, Jesus at the other side of the world when the party was happening here in Kuala Lumpur. So, they hired a Madonna look-alike. :)

Man-donna and VJ Utt.

Party took place at Quattro a new watering hole in Kuala Lumpur, just opposite the KLCC Twin Towers.

VJ Utt was the emcee of the night. As usual, we get to cheer for participants who do silly things on stage for some prizes. LOL!

Come on! Utt coaxing someone from the audience to play some games on stage.

One of the prizes. A divine looking T. :)

But the Grand Prize was a Madonna artwork by Mr. Brainwash on canvas. Very collectible. We were told on 50 pieces are available worldwide. Malaysia is having one of them here....

And to win that canvas thingy, they picked 4 lucky ringtone-downloaders to do a Madonna on stage. That explained the conical bra. ;)

Are we having fun yet?

And the awesome Madonna canvas goees to....

I didn't leave the party empty-handed. I won this during the quiz session. Of course I know all the answers to those simple questions. I don't call myself a Madonna fan for nothing! Heheh!

I got some videos to share as well. It was a fun fun night. Thank you Alex for the invite...


Emcee of the night - VJ Utt being interviewed for the NTV7 Breakfast Show. He forgot the title of Madonna's first compilation CD. I gave him the answer there and then. :)

The Madonna impersonator was amazing! The resemblance was uncanny! Why does it always take a man to do a fabulous Madonna impersonation? MAN-DONNA! :)

The title says it all. Check 'em out! LOL!

Moving from testosterone infested dance competition to the girlie show....Can the girls handle it?

The grand finale of the night. Cone Bra Singing Competition. Contestants were drawn from those who had downloaded the Madonna ringtones for theri phones. The task was simple. Just to sing Celebration. Lyrics sheet, blonde wig and cone bra provided. :)


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