Monday, October 12, 2009

Newton - JW 12km Run 2009, Cameron Highlands

What? Newton-JW Cameron Highlands 12km Run

Where? Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands

How Long? 12km

Organised by: JW Run

In conjunction with the run, Newton shoes trial was also made available to the runners. They looked happy before the run. :)

Approximately 40 runners participated in the run. It was a cosy and easy run, tailor-made to fun runners who wanted a run in their vacation. No cash prizes offered but all finishers walked home with limited edition medals.

I am concentrating on the running part in this post. The vacation part will covered in the next post.

Note to Julie...Please slap an "international" tag to the run title because you got runner from Holland & Germany in the run. No Kenyan though...LOL!

3...2...1...Blast Off!

The start point was at Century Pines Resort in Tanah Rata....The route then "snaked" uphills and downhills over the cool and beautiful hills of Cameron Highlands up to Brincang and then back to Tanah Rata again.

Full support from the local police force to ensure smooth traffic flow during the run.

I would like to thank Julie for entrusting me as the official photographer and videoman for the event.

After capturing the start of the run, I quickly jumped into a car, driven by a local volunteer, Ramesh and we trailed the runners. I took video of the runners. It was impossible for me to get a good photograph of the runners from a speeding car, so I just stick to the video mode.

Later we stopped at check point junction and I managed to shoot most of the runner coming downhill from a slope.

After snapping the last runner, a tough cookie auntie, we made a move to the 1/2 way water station located at Star Regency Hotel, Brincang where all runners stayed the night before.

Meet Ramesh...

The weather was lovely. I wish I could join them in the run. Heheh!

Wai Mun tailgating hubby, John.... :)

These two are unseparable.

This uncle traveled all the way from Singapore for this run. Salute!

Mother & Daughter team. SH Tan & Yin Boey running up the hill.

Young road marshall.

SH looking jubilant finishing the race.

Light breakfast after the run. Fried spicy mihun.

Wai Mun and her Mickey Mouse space blanket....

Happy Feet?

Yay! She did it!

Men Veteran Champion.

Women Champion.

Junior Champion???? :P

Men Open Catergory and Overall Champion.

Finisher Medals - Gold for Champion & Silver for finisher. Highly collectible!

It's tough to be the photographer and the videoman at the same time. Luckily the number of participants was not too overwhelming. I managed to capture all of them in the photos and video.

Check out the video here. It’s a kind of long at 7 min over but hey...I’m trying to get everybody in it!


Note: Background music – I’m Alive (Extended Mix) by Celine Dion

View the The Official Newton-JW 12K Run, Cameron Highlands Photo album here.

I heard there are some talks about having a second edition of the Cameron Highland Run in December.

To those who missed this run earlier might not want to miss it again! I will tweet about it once I get details from the organiser.

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