Thursday, October 01, 2009

Lenka - Enjoy The Show Live In Malaysia

I meant to post this yonks ago but haven't got the time to do it. It was recorded couple of months back when Lenka was in town to promote her album.

She is back to Malaysia on Friday for another showcase at an event organised by some alcohol company. To gain entry you have to buy one friggin bottle of booze! This sucks! So, with a heavy heart, I am giving this event a miss.

Anyway, hope you like the pictures and video here from her previous visit, brought to you by Telekom Malaysia & Sony Music.

"Cute" is the word to describe Lenka. The stage was decorated with multicoloured letters that spelled out L.E.N.K.A, props, flower and this...a little pig!

Lenka opened "The Show" with "Trouble Is A Friend". How can be a sombre song about trouble sounds so cute? :)

Lenka is an Australian television actress and singer-songwriter, most famous worldwide for her song "The Show" from her eponymous debut album.

Trouble is a friend but trouble is a foe, oh, oh.... :)

Keyboardist cum trumpet blower.

Lenka wowed the crowd with her sweet voice and even sweeter personality.

I'm glad that she came with her own band rather than relying on minus one music.

Not only Lenka can sing, she can play musical instrument too! See that tiny red heart on her instrument? Cute!

Don't Let Me Fall....

Band members - bassist and a lady drummer! Fierce!

Blowing her own trumpet and good at it. ;)

Nice legs, eh?

The crowd went crazy when she finally performed "The Show". Many know the lyrics by heart! Me? I just know that "I Want My Money Back" part. Heheh!

Lenka capped her show with a song called - We Will Not Grow Old. Well, don't know about her age, but her music certainly will grow old. :)

At certain angle, he looks a lot like a thinner version of Mel Gibson. :)

I certainly ENJOYED THE SHOW!!!

Later, Lenka went shopping at Petaling Street and tweeted that she found her pirated CD there! LOL!

If you're a Lenka fan, get her original CD at your favourite CD store, ok?

Here are some snippets of her performance at 1-Utama. Check out Lenka's attempt to speak Malay. :)

The sing-a-long crowd was fantastic! :)

ENJOY THE SHOW! (You don't get your money back here because it's FREE! Heheh!)

Acknowledgment: To my friend Chee WH, Thanks a lot for the privilege pass to see Lenka!

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