Saturday, October 10, 2009

Something Red This Way Comes!

Cameron Highlands is always known for its "self-plucking" strawberry farms. You simply cannot escape the lure of the red strawberries when you are there.

These are some strawberry delights that can be found on top of this famous Malaysian hill resort. Took these photo when I was there last week.

Strawberries dipped in quality chocolate.

Strawberry Strudel @ Strawberry Moment Dessert Cafe

Strawberry "Boat" (as opposed to Banana Boat) @ Strawberry Moment Dessert Cafe

Strawberry Cake @ BOH Tea Sg. Palas Plantation Cafe.

Strawberry flavoured tea.

Strawberry white coffee & teh tarik anyone? :)

Strawberry jam.

Strawberry chocolate.

Strawberry Lollipop!

Strawberry T-Shirts.

Strawberry soft toys.

Strawberry fridge magnet. I like...

Strawberry flavoured girl...Heheh! Kidding! I love her Strawberry Hat.

Strawberry Umbrella.

Just a red and juicy strawberry. Thanks to Yin for the treat!

Well, this isn't exactly red, but it is the latest addition to all things strawberries in Cameron Highlands!

What a gorgeous Strawberry finisher medal, eh?

Please comeback for the race report of Newton JW Cameron Highlands 12K Run.

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