Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Exclusive: Nike City 10K Run KL Team Trash Talks Singapore

I am sure you have seen the ad campaign for the Nike City 10K KL vs SG by now. Both country not only will challenge each other in the physical race happening on 10th October, both countries will be pitting their runners in an inter-country race that will see Malaysian runners lace up against their Singaporean rivals to accumulate the most kilometres for their city till 31st October using the Nike+ Sportband.

Malaysian runners commit their kilometres for national pride allowing the accumulated figures together to contribute towards a total score as to which country has the most distance by October 31st for US$30,000. The money will be donated to the winning’s country charity of choice – Hope Malaysia or Singapore Children’s society.

In the spirit of the competition, I asked some of the celebs present at the Nike City 10K Run Media Session to "trash talk" their competition and I was surprised on how good they are at trash talking! LOL!

Check it out!

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