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Nike City 10K Kuala Lumpur - Official Press Release

吉隆坡NIKE CITY 10K城市竞跑


吉隆坡2010年9月3日 – 由马来西亚Nike主办的首届吉隆坡Nike City 10K城市竞跑,最近开始接受报名。这项在吉隆坡街道上举行的特殊竞跑活动,举办日期订于2010年10月10日,届时将可看到许多年轻的跑步爱好者竞逐,以期能成为城中的竞跑冠军。

旨在向年轻人灌输跑步热忱的Nike City 10K,目标是吸引1万人参加,并从中占约6000名25岁以下的年轻参赛者。Nike在吉隆坡市中心举办这项竞跑,凸显了鼓励更多大马年轻人跑步的决心。


Nike City 10K城市竞跑,在22个国家举行,而大马和新加坡将打着东南亚的旗帜。除了体力上的竞逐,在新、马两个城市参加竞跑者也将从即日起至2010年10月31日期间,透过Nike+ Sportband竞逐那一个城市的跑步里数比较长。

两个城市之间的剧烈对决,将驱使大马跑步者为了国家的荣誉而竞跑,同时有机会为本地慈善团体Hope Malaysia赢取3万美元奖金;新加坡的跑步者则为新加坡儿童协会而竞跑。

马来西亚Nike的国家市场经理梅娜哈纳达拉惹小姐说:“Nike City 10K城市竞跑,凸显了Nike对跑步运动所作的承诺,而唯一的主办目的,在于为参加者带来结合音乐、娱乐及新马两国之间相互竞逐的非凡跑步体验。我们希望看到更多年轻人爱上跑步,并透过Nike+网上跑步社区来向自己及朋友挑战。”

两地的真正竞跑是于10月份展开,吉隆坡Nike City 10K城市竞跑订于10月10日,新加坡方面则订于10月24日。

吉隆坡Nike City 10K城市竞跑目前已开放报名,有兴趣者可参加公开组 (男/女)或25岁以下组(男/女);来自中学、学院及大学的年轻参加者,可参加学校组。分别为10令吉 (24岁及以下者)及50令吉(25岁及以上者) 的报名费,包括一件Nike City 10K竞跑t-恤、一个预先印好的参赛号码及完成比赛奖。

报名参加者申请加入Nike+ SportBand以便透过参加新、马竞跑对决时,可获得50%折扣。Nike+ SportBand为与全球最大及拥有将近200万名会员的跑步俱乐部衔接的网域,会员可从中查阅跑步消息、获取训练忠告、与朋友竞跑等等。

为了协助年轻跑步者了解及崇向跑步运动,马来西亚Nike将于2010年9月18日至10月3日期间,在指定地点为他们举办一系列的团体跑步练习,以便为参加吉隆坡Nike City 10K城市竞跑的参赛者作好准备。这些练习不但免费,参加者还可以尝试Nike的最新跑步产品,以及向专家们请教跑步心得。

有关吉隆坡Nike City 10K城市竞跑的进一步详情,请浏览


Nike Commits to Growing Running Community in Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR, 3 September 2010 – Nike Malaysia recently kicked off registration for the inaugural Nike City10K Kuala Lumpur, a unique celebration of sport that will see young runners racing through the streets of Kuala Lumpur on 10th October 2010 in their bid to be crowned champions of the city.

With the aim of inculcating the passion for running amongst the youth of today, the Nike City 10K has targeted 10,000 runners for the race with more than 6,000 of those runners falling in the Under-25 category. Nike’s commitment to growing the young running community in Malaysia is underscored by the organization of the race that will take place in the heart of Kuala Lumpur city centre.

Race registrants can opt for a 5km or 10km route when signing up for the city race and will be guaranteed of a premium race experience with engaging performances positioned in key zones along both race routes to motivate and energize runners.

The Nike City 10K will be hosted by 22 countries across the globe, with Malaysia and Singapore carrying the banner for South East Asia. In addition to the physical race, both cities will be pitting their runners in an inter-city race that will see Malaysian runners lace up against their Singaporean counterparts to clock kilometers for their city now till 31st Oct 2010 using the Nike+ Sportband.

The intense rivalry between both cities will serve to spur Malaysian runners to commit their kilometers for national pride and for the chance to win USD30, 000 for local charity Hope Malaysia whilst Singapore will run for the Singapore Children’s Society.

“The Nike City 10K highlights Nike’s commitment to the sport of running with the sole aim of providing runners with an unparalleled running experience that combines music, entertainment and a little bit of rivalry with the Kuala Lumpur vs Singapore challenge. Our hope is to see more young runners embrace running and commit to challenging themselves or their friends through the expanding the online running community that is Nike+,” said Menaha Nadaraja, Country Marketing Manager, Nike Malaysia.

The physical race will take place in both cities in the month of October. The Nike City 10K flags off in Kuala Lumpur on 10th October and Singapore’s race is slated for 24 October 2010.

Registration for the Nike City 10K is currently open and runners can sign up for either the Open category (Men / Women) or Under 25 category (Men / Women). Young runners can also sign up for the School category, which is open to students from secondary schools, colleges and universities. The registration fee is RM10 (for runners 24 years and below) and RM50 (for runners 25 years and above) and this includes a Nike City 10K race t-shirt with a pre-printed number bib and a finisher’s award for all participants who complete the race.

Race registrants who sign up for the Nike City 10K will enjoy a 50% discount on the Nike+ SportBand and this enables them to take part in the inter-city Kuala Lumpur vs Singapore online challenge on Nike+ SportBand is a runner’s link to the world’s largest running club with almost 2 million members globally, where you can log and review runs, get training advice, challenge friends and more.

To help young runners understand and embrace the sport of running, Nike Malaysia will be organizing a series of training runs for young runners to train together for the Nike City 10K Kuala Lumpur. Training run sessions will be help from 18 September to 3rd October 2010 at select destinations. Participation is free and runners who sign up for the sessions will get to trial the latest Nike running products and gain access to running tips from experts.

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