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My Selangor Story: From A to Z

This is my official entry to My Selangor Story Blogging Contest.
It is not my nature to blow my own trumpet like pop singer, Lenka below.

But you see, I want to take part in the "My Selangor Story" blogging contest.

So, I got no choice but to bring out my biggest trumpet, vuvuzela, fog-horn, trombone and whatever instrument that I can blow for my latest blog post....Please bear with me ya. :)

After cracking my head for a few days on what to write, I came up with this photo-essay. My Story, from A to Z.
Insert trumpet sound effect here!)


I live in Bandar Sunway in Selangor. I love adventure and travelling. The feeling of being cooped up in a box actually scares me.

Be it a short local road trip or a week long back-packing trip, traveling allows me to break free from my
routine or the "box".

I treat everyday as an adventure. I don't have to be adventurous only when I travel overseas. I can be adventurous in my own backyard...Heheh!

Speaking of adventure, do you know that I have traveled 204km mostly on foot from Kuala Lumpur to Maran during the Panguni Uthiram festival last year?

Even though I am a Chinese, I ate, slept, bathed and even carried the palkodam (milk pot) in the last 1 km of the journey with my Indian friends.

I am willing to go the distance (ahem...pun intended) and try anything once, well...anything legal though. Hahah! So, I think I'd be perfect for this contest.

B for Blogging Expertise

I have been blogging actively since 2004. That is 6 years of blogging. Usually I blog about running, my passion.

I often run with my camera to capture the various happening and scenic routes. So, far I have been to most road races in Malaysia and around the ASEAN region too.

I don't blog about politics but I always encounter politicians during road races as VIPs to flag off the run.

The things that you see on foot during a run is different from what you get viewing out from the window of a car. For example.....

C for Celebrities

Even though my blog is all about running, I do post about other events especially when celebrities are involved. When I am not running, I run after the celebrities. Heheh!

Me...a paparazzi wanna be. Some are quite OK to be photographed but Mawi doesn't look happy when I caught him stuffing his face in a mamak shop. Heheh!

Malaysia's supermodel, Amber Chia and some dudes with light sabers.

My favourite local artiste - Dayang Nurfaizah, Malaysia's R&B Diva. I even have a blog decicated to her -

D for Daredevil

I have no qualm about kissing a snake or filling my mouth with wiggling live worms. I am also a Certified Adrenalin Junkie by Genting Theme Park for having complete 7 tasks on the theme park rides; crazy things like blowing a balloon while riding the largest rollercoaster in the country.

I was once attacked by a peacock while trying to photograph their mating dance ritual. I know peacock is very territorial but I am willing to take the extra step to get that shot! And I am willing to do the same for My Selangor Story. :D

I escaped with some minor scratches on my arm....but I think the result is stunning! Watch the video HERE.

E for Educational Content

Do you know the name Selangor could have originated from a blue-green fly called langau in Malay?
I found that out while visiting the exhibits in the Kuala Selangor Museum and I love to share things like this in my blog. Historical and educational stuff. The info can also be found here -

Please take note also that all the above photos are my own and not lifted from the net. Re: I take very nice photos. (Insert trumpet sound effect here again. Hahah!)

So, judges and readers, are you impressed so far? I have 21 more letters to go... F to Z. But to avoid you from falling straight to Zzzzzzzz...I have put them in a 60 second video presentation.
Please click play.


Dear readers, if you like what you see, you can help me to better my chance to get into the next stage of the competition. I need your votes! It will only take a few seconds. Please click the below banner to vote.

It will lead you to the contest page. Please look for my entry (Siti Nurhaliza photo) and click 5 hearts for me. It is that simple.

or click the direct link - and then vote.


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Sandy Wisata Selangor


It's wonderful that has ever keselangor!
be willing?

Zhi Yu Lee a.k.a. Victor


Hey, I like your blog entry especially the "not to bore you to zzzz" part and the video. Very humorous. Hope that we can make it to the final 30 together. Cheerio!

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