Saturday, April 30, 2011

Photos: adiNation of Runners 5th Saturday Run Circuit 2

What? adiNation of Runners 5th Saturday Run Circuit 2

When? 30 April 2011, 7.00am

Where? Metropolitan Park, Kepong

Who? Organised by Adidas Malaysia

How far/ long? Runners were required to complete a minumum of 3 loops measuring 3.3km per loop. They could continue to run for a duration of 120 minutes to test their endurance and limits.

This is the second circuit of adiNation of Runners (aNR) 5th Saturday Run. The first one was held in Lake Garden last month. We simple love running in this park because of the beautiful natural surrounding - lake, lotus pond, hills at the horizon etc. It is a very popular spot for running/ jogging & walking because of the rubberized track around the lake. You can really BOUNCE in it. LOL!

We went around the lake on Rujhan's bike (the second photo) to take some pics of the runners in action. Hope you enjoy the pics.

We love the colours of this photo. We can imagine how colourful THE KING OF THE ROAD race on 2 Oct is going to be. The run will feature six different coloured running vests. (First come first serve basis).

You HAVE to wear the official vests for KOTR otherwise no medal, no cert and no prize. It is spelled out in the T&C by adidas. But we think it is OKAY because the vest is gorgeous. (No..adidas didn't pay us to say this. LOL!). Check out the vest HERE.

Running Couple of the Year - Dannie & Carrie. Always seen running together....Soon they will be running the marathon called LIFE together.

Read about how Dannie proposed to Carrie on Kinabalu's peak HERE. So romantic. (Insert wedding bells sound effect here)

Kelvin Ng pretending to be Mickey Mouse? LOL!

He was supposed to be a time keeper, but he passed the job to his godson and took the opportunity to run in the beautiful park! No wonder so happy!

Like Father, Like Daughter. Moey and his daughter, Sylvia.

Uncle Sonny and friend....

The run offered hundreds of lucky draw prizes - adidas Tees, bags, heargear etc. Everyone went home with at least a can of Milo or 100plus as prizes.

The adination of Runners, also known as aNR, is a running group organized by adidas. Other countries such as Japan, Singapore and Philippines have also launched aNR to encourage beginners, professional and even recreational runners to engage in running more often. Its goal is to help every aspiring runner to become better, faster and be more fit at their sport.

Find out more about adination of Runners HERE. (Note: The account is suspended. Wonder why...??)

For full results, please click HERE.

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