Thursday, December 17, 2009

Yasmin Ahmad's Muallaf Malaysian Premiere Night

I won a contest to the premiere of Yasmin Ahmad's Muallaf from AMBP

It was my second time watching this movie. I caught the show in Singapore last year with thelonelyrunner and his wife at Cathay cinema. At that time, the movie was having problem being screened in Malaysia.

Then, it was tagged as "The movie Malaysia may not get to see" in the posters and flyers in Singapore! So, I travelled all the way to Singapore to watch my favourite director's work. And I was not disappointed!

Muallaf finally gets it's deserving place in the Malaysian big screens after a year tussle with the censorship board. (Insert cheers here!)

A premiere is not a premiere without the cast...Here's Sharifah Amani (Ani) and Singaporean actress, Yeo Yann Yann (Cindy).

Sharifah Aleysha (Ana) and Yeo Yann Yann.

Close up.

Introducing Brian Yap (Brian).

Sharifah Amani being interviewed by TV3.

Sharifah Amani caused a furore over her shave head for the movie.

Some people berated her in the media, saying Muslim women were not supposed to shave their heads bald. (Insert WTF? in your own language here)

Oh well, her hair has since grown back, beautifully.

Azean Irdawaty busy attending to reporters. She was seen in Yasmin Ahmad's last movie - Talentime.

Some of the local celebs at the premiere - among them are Carmen Soo, Alan Yun and Steve Yap.

Happy faces. I caught this right before they went into the cinema hall. :)

All stars, led by Yasmin Ahmad's sister - Orked. Yes. that ORKED.(The one with tudung)

You should know by now, most of the time, the names of the characters in Yasmin's movies were based on real names. :)

The cast was mobbed by cinemagoers in a 1 minute photograph opportunity. :)

Shhhh...Movie is starting! :)

Muallaf is a real gem. No one ever dare to touch the "sensitive" issue like religion the way Yasmin Ahmad did in the movie. Again, she scored beautifully with this movie about love and forgiveness.

So, please catch this great movies while it is still showing in the cinema!

I have typed in the numbers that were recited by Ani in my mobile phone during the show. Find out what is Yasmin's comment on the numbers HERE.

Here's a short video of the premiere night.

Everything was perfect except one - the absence of Yasmin Ahmad. She is dearly missed.


It is in forgiving we are forgiven.... Nuff said.

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