Monday, May 20, 2013

Photos: MILO's First Malaysia Breakfast Day 2013

Malaysians witnessed an overwhelming response from MILO’s breakfast gathering in the country today: Malaysia Breakfast Day is brought to us by MILO Malaysia.

Actually we wanted to catch the flag off at 7:00am. Despite arriving at the entrance of UPM at 6:45am, we didn't make it due to the traffic jam in the road leading into UPM. Even after that we were not able to find the UPM Banquet Hall where the media supposed to wait for pick-up. It was frustrating because most of the roads and gates were closed. To cut the story short, we got down from the car and took pictures of runners running while waiting for the road to clear up a bit.

We reckoned a lot of runners were late for the race too. Some complained that they have to park their cars faraway and had to walk for 30 minutes to get to the start point. We heard you!

Finally, we arrived at the finish line where the breakfast was being held.

Malaysia Breakfast Day was held in conjunction with the nationwide campaign, The MILO® Breakfast Movement, with the mission to deepen the relevance of breakfast among Malaysians and to drive action through behavioural-change activities. The event was hosted by Faizal Ismail (Hot FM) and Azura Zainal.

According to Alois Hofbauer, Managing Director of Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad who was present at Malaysia Breakfast Day to support the cause: “Nestlé, as a company, has always been committed to focus on nourishing Malaysians and deliver our promise to bring ‘Good Food, Good Life’ to all members of society. MILO® is truly a brand custodian representing the Nestlé’s corporate mission; I am proud to be part of the brand’s commitment in its long-term advocacy of breakfast adopting in Malaysia – and I am sure that this is the first of many breakfast days to come.”

A total of 7,589 runners participated in the Fun Run with the 7km run designed for serious runners while the 3km run designed for parents and children. “We are happy to have more than 15,000 Malaysians who started Malaysia Breakfast Day with us with a good morning run before we unwind to enjoy breakfast,” said Ho Hau Chieh, Executive Director, Dairy Business Unit.

The objectives of Malaysia Breakfast Day hit home run when we saw a combination of entertainment, education, bonding, and, at the same time, be reminded of the benefits of a healthy balanced breakfast every morning!

Cheers! Kick-start your day with a healthy breakfast.

There were plenty of post-race activities for runners. Below: Faizal Ismail trying out the soccer challenge.

MILO® Malaysia urged those at Malaysia Breakfast Day to continue to submit their pledge to support the campaign and its cause. With 107,793 pledges to date, MILO® would translate them into breakfasts for young Malaysians to adopt the habit of breakfast from a young age.

Free health screening programs were available at the MILO® Wellness Tent for attendees to check on their blood pressure and Body Mass Index.

Freshly made roti canai was among the many wonderful variety and colours of the Malaysian cuisine served at the event.

Participants were given vouchers to purchase food at the stalls, to be washed down with free flow of Milo from the Milo trucks.

We observed that the stalls had ran out of food very early. Running can sure make you hungry like a wolf. Heheh!

We love this race because, instead of just one Milo truck at other road races, there were 13 Milo trucks dispensing ice-cold yummilicious Milo drink to all runners. No long queue. Basically, we can just stroll up to the trucks and grab a cuppa Milo without waiting. (Insert two thumbs up here).

From what we have gathered, Milo is making this event an annual affair. We just hope that they will pick a better venue with better parking facilities and wider roads. UPM is a nice spot to run. It is fantastic for smaller event like for 2,000 runner but for an event with 7,000 over runners, that place is gonna be choked to death before we could even say “Milo Breakfast Day”.

For more photos from the Milo Breakfast Day run, please click HERE, HERE and HERE.

4 Comment Wit Me:

Safuan Azhar


Next time milo should conduct the event at a comfortable venue like dataran putrajaya. I am one of the participant who can not participate in the event. At last I went to Putrajaya and do my own training there using milo shirt hahaha.



What happened Safuan? Tell us your story.



Track to small to accomodate that such participants ma.susah mau lari..

Chera miche


agreed! even before the event started i already knew this would happen. nice run though. most of them just park their car by the roadside, kind a dangerous to them, others as well. and they have to walk so far to the start line that morning, even as we already started running.

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