Thursday, May 23, 2013

Vietnam Mountain Marathon 2013 @ Sapa, Vietnam

Vietnam Mountain Marathon 2013 is the result of a lifelong love of running and a fascination with Vietnam. The small dirt roads and narrow trails will take you through the beautiful mountain ranges of Hoang Lien National Park and valleys that are usually closed territory to all but the few people living there.

Be prepared for an extraordinary adventure, to run through the rice fields and speed through breath-taking valleys, to cross bridges of bamboo, bypass water buffalos, mountain pigs and cheering local children.

What? Vietnam Mountain Marathon 2013
Where? Sapa, Vietnam
How far? 21km, 42km or +65km in a spectacular mountain region of north Vietnam.

In general

The trails – with cumulative positive vertical meters ranging from around 1.100 (21 K) to 3.000 meters (+65 K) – will be on a marked route, tagged at crucial navigational points. Water and fruit will be available at aid stations every 10-15km. Runners doing the marathon or the ultra-distance must bring their own additional energy bars, gel or personal food and other mandatory equipment (see equipment). For Full or Ultra Marathon it cannot be your first run of this distance, given the altitude and general hard conditions.

Very strong sun or heavy rain is always a possibility in the mountains. Any participation in this unique event is completely at your own risk and you have to sign on that before start.

After the race you will enjoy a good meal around a big bonfire and share your running experiences, the mountains and the twinkling stars above. Bring your family, your friends or join this unique event on your own. You don’t have to be a fast runner, but you better be a tough one looking for a unique adventure or why not enjoy a long day of great hike & run of 21km.

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