Friday, July 24, 2015

Larian Sambutan Warga Emas 2015 @ Laman MBPJ

What? Larian Sambutan Warga Emas 2015

When? 25 October 2015 (Sunday) 7:30am

Where? Laman MBPJ, Ibu pejabat MBPJ

How Far/ How much? 7km / RM6-15 (depending on categories)

How to register? Download form HERE.

Runwitme Says: Small scale but well-received run in Petaling Jaya going on its 5th edition this year. The run started in 2011 with 80 participants to 420 participants in 2014. The run has garnered loyal followers because it stays true to its objective to honour the senior citizens (60 years & above) and their contributions towards their families and the society.

Jabatan Pembangunan Masyarakat, Bahagian Pembangunan Komuniti & Pembangunan Modal Insan of Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya has declared the month of October as Bulan Sambutan Warga Emas Petaling Jaya (PJ Senior Citizen Month) whereby various activities and healthcheck are being conducted.

This year, cash prizes are being offered to the top 5 runners in all the five categories. Two senior categories - A (Men Senior Veteran aged 60 years & above) and C (Women Veteran aged 50 years & above) will be awarded with a slightly higher cash reward to reflect well on the objectives of the event in honouring the senior citizen.

All participants will receive a number bib and event tee in the race kit and all participants who completed the run will be given a finisher medal.

2 Comment Wit Me:



The registration form indicate 2013, is it the real registration form from MBPJ?



Yes, we have gotten this form from the organiser direct. Must have been a typo. We will let the organiser know.

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