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Media Release: Under Armour and Elements Gym endorses CrossFit with the Earn Your Armour Campaign and the launch of the first CrossFit box in Kuala Lumpur

28 July 2015, Kuala Lumpur - Recognising the need for athletes to become better, Under Armour will kickstart their third challenge of the Earn Your Armour Campaign, which is the CrossFitGTX challenge, at Elements Gym.

With Functional Fitness becoming the most popular trend in fitness today, the first boutique gym in Kuala Lumpur, Elements Gym has opened its first CrossFit box; CrossFitGTX aimed at forging functional fitness in the city and beyond. CrossFitGTX is the first boutique CrossFit affiliate in Kuala Lumpur City Centre and is fully equipped with Rogue Fitness from USA.

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CrossFit is a strength and conditioning programme that builds general physical preparedness for all of life's challenges. A blend of gymnastics, weightlifting, and mono-structural endurance, it does not specialise. It will never plateau.

It is fun, creative, and, most importantly, it works. It teaches you to do common things uncommonly well, while developing a base of strength and stamina on which you can build an active lifestyle.

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As the gym partner of Under Armour, Elements Gym is launching the CrossiitGTX in conjunction with the Earn Your Armour campaign.

The Earn Your Armour Challenge offers a bi-weekly free workout session for the public to participate and will themselves to become better athletes. Not only that, they can also join the challenge via the Endomondo Fitness Application and be in the running to win exclusive products from Under Armour and LiveFit Nutrition.

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Tan Mei Sian, Director of CrossFitGTX said "Functional fitness includes squatting, reacting, rotating, picking things up from the floor and putting things away over your head which mimic everyone's everyday life movement. These functional exercises condition your body to move more efficiently through real-life activities and help prevent injury.

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Adopted by US Navy SEALS, Canadian Army, Police and Special Forces unit worldwide, as well as a variety of serious mature and professional athletes, CrossFit is the ultimate form of cross-training that produces results that frequently surprises even experienced athletes. With every exercise being scalable, anyone can adapt the workout to the maximum potential with concrete results.

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With a philosophy, Fitness Is NON-NEGOTIABLE, CrossFitGTX inspires health, break barrier, work together professionally with a purpose in creating happier, healthier and fitter people. Our box will be the centre of engagement and community for functional fitness.

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The Earn Your Armour CrossFitGTX Challenge will be held every two weeks, on 28 July, 4 August, and 18 August 2015 at Elements Gym. Interested participants can register for the challenge at http://www Join in on the conversation by following @underarmourmy on Instagram, and on Facebook at

CrossFitGTX has been open since 20 July 2015 and for more information, drop by at the Elements Gym box or email them at

There will be FREE Foundation On-Ramp Training available for the 1st 100 people who register.

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