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The Social Media Reactions to the postponement of Standard Chartered KL Marathon To October 10th As Part Of National Sports Day!

We were shocked by the press statement released by the Ministry of Youth & Sports (KBS) yesterday morning. It stated that Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2015 which was scheduled to be on 4th October is to be moved to October 10th (Saturday) as part of the inaugural National Sports Day which is already jam-packed with running events such as the first Reebok Spartan Race in Asia, HRDF Half Marathon, Run Forrest Run Trail to name a few.

The Marathon, which saw all 35,000 spots snapped up within 4 days, is said will lend a big boost to the targeted 3 million participants for the inaugural National Sports Day.

Majority of runners are not happy with the decision and they are venting out in social media like FB and Twitter!

Here are what runners have to say about the move:

Choi CC: It’s a total inconsiderate decision. I wonder if the impact of runners booking their flights and hotels are put into considerations just because KBS want to do something but cannot attract the number of participants

Marlina Ibrahim: Well, approval do come from the government. And probably this is just a cheap shot to promote National Sports Day. Unless of course, we can ask Ministry of Sports to provide us the refund.

Jon Grevich: What ***holes! Who cares if on national sports day? Bodoh government. Most Malaysians don't exercise and now you piss off the few who do? Now must leave work early Friday? What about those who booked flights and hotels? Are you trying to follow in the footsteps of the bodoh PBIM now? Got big heads and think you can do what you want because full up in 4 days? ***holes!

Stephen Dau Kidd: Shame on you KL Marathon, I have already booked overseas flights and hotel, I have always enjoyed running there in the past, but will never return now as the organisers are untrustworthy, not only do I want my entry refunded. I want my airfare refunded too.

Anonymous: How can an event like this be held on a SATURDAY?! Even those from KL would be likely to be working that day, as I would be. Am beyond disappointed, in fact i'm fuming mad! Think, KBS, think! There's no way runners from outstation would be able to finish work on Friday and fly in in time to rest well and run on Saturday morning even if they were not working Saturdays. If rakyat didahulukan, think of the consequences next time you consider meddling in running events.

Julie Wong: The sport minister said, 'the ministry will work closely with the organiser to make the transition as smooth as possible for the participants.' huhhh . .like HOW? people have make their plan, bought their air tickets, booked their accommodation, planned their work leaves and many plan their calendar in advance. so, Khairy Jamaluddin WHAT you can do and HOW you wanna address those issues? Don't mess up our running calendar.

CGL: Today is a sad and disappointing day for the sporting events industry. Today marks the day where Politics is bigger than having a sporting event to keep everyone healthy (moreover, an independently run event). Maybe I am too naive to think that the elected politicians would have thought deep enough on the inconvenience caused to 35K participants (who are also voters, btw). Boy, was I wrong... it's just a number to them. In Malaysia, the opinions and needs of the majority is no longer important, but the decisions of a few for their own agenda. Minority seems to rule. Too bad. Life goes on as they say...

Teddy Beh: Please do not simply change the date especially it's less than 3 months from event date, most runners have made plans, including myself. And to run a full marathon in Saturday morning is absurd! We need good rest on Friday night, but how to rest properly when we work on Friday until late evening? Plus Saturday traffic will be horrible. And also I pity those who have made transport and hotel arrangement early, those from other states and countries, it will be a huge blow to our nation's reputation. Please seriously reconsider not to change the date, and remain at 4 October.

CassBoy Ks: How could such a big event organizer make such changes? I have been support and run for Standard Chartered KL Marathon for years and am participating full marathon this year. Was very disappointed on such changes as I have purposely choose to fly back from Singapore just for the marathon,

Lee Hui Seng: 1st ever 'National Sports Day'(Hari Sukan Negara) project on 10 Oct is a brainchild of KBS.We dont deny it is a good concept to make every Malaysian citizen aware of benefits of sports.But there are already many other programmes lined up for that day eg The Spartan Race and HRDF Half Marathon.Why need to 'hijack' another ready-made event of 35,000 participants to achieve your KPI? If need to achieve your KPI to satisfy your ultimate bosses, then organise your own event. Dirigo Events has been working all year to organise SCKLIM and suddenly their efforts have been 'credited' to someone else with a stroke of a pen. Have we thought through the numerous inconveniences caused to many overseas and outstation participants who have booked their arrangements?I think KBS and the SCKLIM organisers made a huge mistake for following reasons:
1. Not many runners can take part on a Saturday
2. Many foreigners and ourstation ppl have booked their weekend
3. Organiser listened too much to outside interference
4. Regular runners already booked for other runs on 10 and 11Oct
5. Changing dates show indecision,especially after it was changed due to a haze that didnt happen a few years ago
6. This will put Malaysian tourism efforts in a bad light

Wong Tk: Dear Organizer, a total of 35k participants had registered for SCKLM on 4 Oct 2015 which means we all were agreed with the date. The participants are not only Malaysian but from all over the world. Please reconsider your decision to postpone the event as I believed your current decision is not final yet.

Maheswary Palanyandy: Pure bad planning!!! And who is going to refund us? They expect 35000 participants to adjust their schedule and dates! Utterly selfish and crazy!

Annie TEo: I strongly agreed to change back to 4 Oct as this is my 1st time participating Full Marathon in this year. I have purposely to fly back from Singapore just for the marathon, but was disappointed to hear about changes. I hope SCKLM really can consider about oversea runners. This is not small event, is huge event in Msia.

Andrew O'Brien: I realise a core purpose of Government is to medal and do dumb things (and this example is not that important in the big scale of things i.e. not life or death) but really, making the KL Marathon change dates after 35,000 people signed up to the promoted date is bizarre. Makes you wonder why they did not just create a new public holiday that nobody wanted! Sure hope all the travelling runners can get their money back. Malaysia is a wonderful place to visit and run but it is hard to imagine international runners will trust this race in years to come.

Ong Kian Ming: I was shocked when I read the news release by the Ministry of Youth and Sports earlier today to announce that the flagship marathon event in Kuala Lumpur, the Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon or SCKL Marathon[1], has been postponed from Sunday, the 4th of October, 2015, to Saturday the 10th of October, 2015 to coincide with the inaugural National Sports Day. This move on the part of the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Minister, Khairy Jamaluddin, is totally irresponsible, inconsiderate and defeats the intended purpose of the National Sports Day.

Note: Ong Kian Ming is MP for Serdang and an avid runner. You can read his full article HERE.

Runwitme Says: To KBS, yes, we are all for the National Sports Day. But, please be considerate and do not force this change down our throats just to get your numbers. We want the Standard Chartered Marathon to be on 4 October!

The running events impacted by the move:
10Oct 2015(Sat) 21km HRDF Half Marathon Putrajaya
10Oct 2015(Sat) 12km Run Forrest Run Trail, Mardi Maeps Serdang
10Oct 2015 (Sat) 6km+22obstacles Reebok KL Spartan Sprint Race
10Oct 2015(Sat) Kepong Ballbreaker Run,Taman Botani,Shah Alam
10Oct 2015(Sat) 5km Music Run,SIC Sepang
10Oct 2015(Sat) Petzl Trail Nite Run,Taman Rimba Alam,Putrajaya Precinct 15

Are you happy that SCKLM2015 being “hijacked” by Ministry of Youth & Sports to fit into its National Sports Day? There is an FB page created to rally its move back to the original date. Make your voices heard if you want SCKLM2015 to maintain on 4 October by clicking this page Bring Back SCKLM to October 4 and sign the petition at http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/bring-scklm-back-to-october-4

2 Comment Wit Me:



Hi Runwitme,

I am disappointed with the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the KL Marathon orgniaser for postponing the evcent. I will submit docs to ask for refund today.




I am a marathon runner, but unfortunately I did not register for KLSCM because I Lille be running Berlin this year. Standard Chartered KL Marathon is the largest race in Malaysia in terms of numbers. Each and every runner would have done 16 weeks of hard training often waking up as early as 5.30am on some days just to run. Most of us work throughout the week so it is imperative that we rest of Satuday before the marathon on Sunday. Everywhere in the world where there is a serious marathon, it is always held on a Sunday.

I know this is a decision by the Ministry but in this instance I feel the organisers need to strongly object the decision by the Ministry. If we are to be considered a serious event, we cannot allow for this to happen. Seriously guys, this is not on.

We were doing so well before this and the number s were growing. This will set us back a long way.


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