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10 Reasons Why We Want To Run #MyBuddiesRun Again Next Year

Hot on the heel of success of Larian Sehati Sejiwa in Padang Merbok last August, MyNic Berhad, (the Malaysian registrar of .my domains) organised yet another roaring road race. This time it was in Cyberjaya, the town that aspires to be the Silicon Valley of Malaysia.

Having ran the 10km event last Sunday, we enjoyed the run tremendously and can’t wait for the next edition of the run. Here’s 10 reasons why…

1) It's a refreshing break from the usual route.
Sick of the usual Dataran Merdeka or Dataran Putrajaya loop? Cyberjaya provides a little escape from routine. The start point is a stone's throw from D Pulze shopping mall and Tune Hotel. We checked into a hotel 100m from the start point (Z Hotel) the night before the race. It was sort of a run-cation not too far from home.

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2) Excellent distance markers
Distance marker at every km. Not everybody has GPS to calculate how many more km to endure before the finish line. (Insert panting sound effect here)

3) Nice Compressport Tee.
Love the simple design. Quality material from CStriking green on black. Sponsor logos are kept to a minimum which is good for repeat wearing. We usually send those t-shirts which are stamped by too many sponsor logos to H&M for recycling. Heheh!

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4) Good traffic control
The traffic police officers, RELA and crew did a good job in controlling the traffic. Anyway, there are not many cars on a Sunday morning here because Cyberjaya is not a residential area. So, we more or less have escaped the honking or cursing of impatient drivers.

5) Adequate water stations
We think the organisers were spoiling the runners, There were three (3) water stations serving both water and isotonic drink along the 10km route. We could survive with just one but better more than less, right? We also like the fact that they took the effort to chill the drink. Nothing taste bad like a warm cup of isotonic drink. Oh yes, portable toilets were available near the water stations.

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6) Freshly fried bihun
No...We do not get to eat this halfway of the run. Heheh! Only at the end of the run. Freshly fried rice vermicelli (bihun) with fresh ingredients, right in front of you eyes. Perfect to refuel after slogging 10km on the tarmac.

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7) Star-studded entertainment
Just the right amount of entertainment while waiting for the technical people to compile and verify the results for the prize giving ceremony. Awi Rafael, Aia Illusi, Amyra Rosli and more did a good job! (Insert two thumbs up here)

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8) Masked Fun Run
What is more fun than running with your buddies wearing some alter-ego masks and then take home some prizes? Spotted Darth Vaders (yes, plural), Stormtroopers, Thor, Ironman etc.

9) Awesome lucky draw prizes
The prizes were really worth staying back for. Five bicycles, three motorbikes and two Perodua Axia cars! Too bad we didn't win any of the prizes but one of our running friends did go home with a car! We jelly! :P Congrats Yew Ting!

10) Big beautiful finisher medal

All in all, it was a very well organised run. We truly enjoyed it. Perhaps next year we will do the 5km Masked Fun Run. We missed all the fun this year!!

There is another running event coming in Cyberjaya in Jan. Check it out at https://www.facebook.com/cyberjayamarathon/ or http://cyberview.com.my/events-and-media/events/twincity-marathon-2016/

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