Tuesday, December 06, 2005

2 more km to go...Gotta push it! Posted by Picasa I continued to jog, slowly and surely, stopping for water as needed. I told myself that I was there to complete not to compete. Anyway, there was no time limit set. So, I took my time enjoying Singapore on foot. I guess I should not use the word enjoy because the sun was totally unforgiving at the last few km. Temperature soared to 37 deg Celsius. (To me it felt like 47). The humidity was about 85%. According to my Singapore colleague, this year had one of the highest rates of dropouts since the Singapore International Marathon series started. I am not surprised. The organizer should start the race at 5:00 am just like KLIM instead of 6:00am. Thank God, I only have 21km to cover, not 42km. I prayed for the full marathoners!

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