Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Running with Colleagues Posted by Picasa After being hardworking slaves for the whole year, we, the employees of (insert a prominent healthcare multinational company name here) get flown to the legendary Langkawi as part of the rewards and recognitions process. There, we were couped up in the training room for two days to get rewarded with a new higher an bigger target after achieving the strecth target we managed to hit this year. More! More! More! Work! Work! Work! We were given t-shirt to wear so that we can look the same, think the same - make more money for the company. (Insert "Poon Gan Pat Leong" - Sam Hui as theme song here). We stayed at Sheraton Perdana, Kuah. The beach is icky - muddy and smelly. However, the hotel has beautiful surroundings. Love the wooden jetty. Good object for my photography. Sturdy enough to run on it. Ran around the hotel compound. Despite the hectic shcedule, managed to squeeze in some run, early in the morning and evening to keep my sanity. On Tuesday morning, I did a 5km ran from Sheraton Perdana to Kuah town and back, passing Dataran Lang or eagle Square where you can find huge eagle perched at the waterfront, a famous landmark. Was wondering if the eagle is a male or a female one. Looked underneath the eagle. No balls. Must a female eagle! Hehehe! What happened to Langkawi Marathon which was postponed a couple of times? If it materialises, it should be a nice place to run. Hilly but scenic. Duty free booze (a can of beer is RM1.50, cost for can of Coke). Imagine carbo-loading with duty free Swiss or Belgian chocolates. Heaven! Heheh!

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