Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Running Kit Collection...Where are all the runners? Posted by Picasa After being fried in the sizzling in hot sun last year's Singapore Full Marathon, I decide I would just do a half this year. It was a wise decision as I am still nursing a sprained ankle from a fall in the Putrajaya Half. On Friday night (2 Dec 2005), I dashed to KL Sentral after my evening class. I just finished my part time course on Copywriting and that night was my final team presentation. My team mates turned up late and we did not have the time to practice. So we fumbled and mumbled our ways throughout the presentation. My doom will be sealed when the result is announced in a month's time. (Insert shivers here). Had a KFC Baritto for dinner while waiting for the train. The train left on time and I had a tough time falling asleep due to two pesky little boys next bunk who like to sing in the middle of the night. Later, I shouted at them and I did not hear a single thing from them again until the next morning; chirpy as mynahs. Bumped into Mr. Khoo Chong Beng, our ex-national walker aka the coordinator for 24 hours walk at the Singapore Immigration. He was in town to do some survey at SCSM for KLIM. Hmmm....SCSM is a tough act to follow. KLIM is just 3 months away and the website is still showing "2005 results" as a "new" item. Not much time. I still remember I received my invitation from SCSM to register 6 months before the event. Good luck Mr. Khoo and committee. The train arrived in Tanjong Pagar about 8:00 am, Saturday morning. Never on time. Never. But I am in no rush as the shopping mall open only around 10-ish. Walked to Tanjong Pagar MRT Station and headed straight to my hotel near City Hall. Dropped my luggage at the concierge and headed straight to Suntec Convention Center. The sun was hot. The running kit collection was supposed to start at 11am but there was already queue at 10am. My my my. I forgot that I was in Kiasu-land. Heheh! So, I joined the queue. Collection of running kit was a breeze. Collected another shoe bag. What am I gonna do with the shoe bag? I have more shoe bags than shoes heheh! What is inside the shoe bag? Adidas shoes? Fat chance! No shoes hehehe....but I found a running chip, a running bib, a very nice Adidas Clima-lite running vest, an event booklet and some samples. I wanted to check out the sport expo but most of the booths were still under setting up as I was kiasu-ly one hour early. I also collected the Sport Expo goodies bag from the organiser (The first 500 to present the newpaper cutting would get one each). Nothing interesting - just a packet of FILIS pasta and a wafer. I went to Joaquim, a congee buffet restaurant at the ground level, Suntec Convention. Pigged out on congee and dishes from 4 different "stations" - Teo Chew, Cantonese, Hokkien and Hainanese. Yummy! Highly recommended. Watched SAW II at Cathay Cineleisure as planned. It was the most violent and bloodiest movie I have ever seen. I was practically squirming in my seat. What do you expect from a movie that start of with a scene where a guy has to dig into his eye to retreive a key which was surgically transplanted in the socket in order to free himself from a death trap? I was lucky that my congee stayed inside my tummy throughout the movie. I gotta get the DVD and watch it in slow mo...(Insert demented laughter here!) Covered all the essential places that I must visit when I am in Singapore - HMV @ Heeren, Sembawang @ Cathay Cineleisure & Borders @ Wheelock Place. Bought Emancipation of Mimi - The Platinum Edition and Anastacia Greatest Hits - Pieces of A Dream (Limited Edition with a remix disc - I finally found "Love Is A Crime - Thunderpuss Club Mix" in this CD...Yippie!!!). On my way back to the hotel, I bought some snacks from Old Chang Kee. The sotong (squid)-on-a-stick was really yummy. I ordered take-away of chicken rice from Funan Mall food court for dinner. The chicken rice was fragrant and nice. Passed by TacoBell and bought a taco. Running half but eating for full marathon. Heheh! I stayed in my room watching Fear Factor - Indonesian Edition after dinner. In the first segment, the five hot indon chicks had to deal with the towering heights of KL Tower to retrieve some flags. In the second segment they had to sleep in a tub of worms and last segment was a stunt involving a yellow Proton Saga and a trailer. So interesting that I fell asleep watching it, Heheh!

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