Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Logging With Passion

My Very First Runner's Log Posted by Picasa I have officially ditched my feng shui almanac and 7 Habits diary for this logbook. Bought it for RM29.95 yesterday after work (Original price RM59.90). Borders is giving away 50% discounts on all calendars and diary. (Bless those generous souls in Borders). It supposed to be the twenty-seventh edition of the classic log and calendar, the only one tailored specifically to runners, both competitive and noncompetitive. It includes: 1) Space for tracking daily and weekly mileage, as well as time, body weight, route, temperature, and improvements. (Spiffy, isn’t it?) 2) A race record, with room to write dates, places, distances, times, your pace, and “comments and excuses” (Hmmmm….good for planning my races). 3) A quick reference chart for split times, from one mile to the marathon (Pretty useless as I don’t “think” in mile. If only the have it in Metric! Insert grumble here) 4) Training tips and monthly essays by Marty Jerome on such topics as speed training, trail running, interval workouts, and injury prevention (Each week is sprinkled with quotable quotes from famous runners). 5) Photographs of runners from all around the world. (Black and white. Pretty uninspiring shots actually) Great buy. Looking forward to filling it with my passion – running in 2006.

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