Thursday, December 22, 2005

All I Want for Xmas Posted by Picasa All I Want for Christmas are….. 1) Madonna – Confessions on the Dance Floor (Limited Edition). It has “Fighting Spirit" a bonus track, a 40 page picture book from the Steven Klein photo session; an 80 page, blank, journal book, which will also include some journal entries from Madonna; a one month free ICON Fanclub membership and a unique slipcover housing. The CD's tracks will also be a continuous mix, much like a DJ set list. Each track will also be selectable. (Oh Madonna...Every little things that you say or do, I'm Hung Up! I'm Hung up on you!) 2) Sony Ericssons W900i. Upgraded cousin on W800i. 3G Cameras. MP3 Players. Radio tuner. Better looking in sleek black with the trademark Walkman orange logo. Can put Mariah’s 5-octave wail as my ring tones and can listen to her wherever I go. Sweet..Sweet Fantasy baby…. 3) The Complete Calvin & Hobbes Collection – One of my favourite cartoon strips complete. This will look awesome on my bookshelf. 4) World Peace. (Insert unlimited supply of toothy smiles and hand-waving here hehehehe!)

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