Monday, June 19, 2006

Crazy Ice-cream? Posted by Picasa

After putting our luggage at YK’s house, we went out searching for dinner. Our first choice was Yum Yum Restaurant at Persiaran Greenhill. It was a nice Asian restaurant with a great ambiance. It was featured in many food columns and TV programs. Being such a famous place, the queue for dinner was horrendous. After waiting for ½ hours without getting our seats, we decided not to wait any longer. We had a movie to catch at 9:00pm! So, we decided to check out some other restaurants on the same stretch of road and finally settled for Crazy Ice-cream and Salad House.

The food here is pretty decent. For less than RM10, you get a chicken chop, a bowl of mushroom soup, a drink and a scoop of ice cream. In a jiffy, we wiped our plates clean and ready for the next program – The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift at TGV, Ipoh Parade.

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