Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Mobile Phone That You Can Take It Running And Look (Beep!) Good With It

In my wish list...The phone that is. Posted by Picasa

Is it a phone? Is it a 2MP camera? Is it an MP3 player? Is it a speed monitor and calories counter?

It is all of above actually. And the best thing is I can take it shopping, jogging, walking, cycling and of course running.

I am so excited when I read about its features in mobile review. This baby is armed with motion sensor, enabling to calculate number of steps you make during running or walking. While running or walking the screen reflects all information you can only dream of - time from the beginning, covered distance, current speed, and user is also at liberty to switch between screens and learn more on calories consumption, average lap time or just reset all acquired data and begin a new cycle.

Brilliant isn't it? This dream phone of mine will soon be arriving, in Q3 this year. I can't wait...(Insert excited squeal here! Heheh!)

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