Tuesday, August 08, 2006

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12:30 (Thai time) reach Hat Yai Train station. Quickly rushed to Regency Hotel to meet our friends who had arrived earlier by bus. They made the right choice by not taking the train. After having a quick shower, I rushed out to buy some fast food at Lee Garden Plaza. McD again!! Then the rain started to pour….%!@^*#$. Why me? Why now?

Thank God the rain went away as fast as it came. We had chartered a van for 1500 baht to take us sightseeing.

13.50 Reached Hat Yai Municipality Park, which is located on top of a hill. So, it gives a very nice view of Hat Yai town. There were three main attractions here – The 4 Faced God Shrine, The Tall Standing Buddha and The Tall Standing Goddess of Mercy. At the same area as the Goddess of Mercy, we also found a giant Laughing Buddha, a giant Chinese Emperor and a Giant Dragon. My my my…the people in Hat Yai are sure obsessed with giant statues. : ) I felt like an ant…crawling on the ground.

15.01 Left Hat Yai Municipality Park to Songkla, a neighbouring town.

15.38 Reached the famous Samila Beach where a bronze statue of a Mermaid waited silently while doing her hair. Unlike Disney’s Ariel, there are no clamshells to cover her breasts. A trip to Songkla is not complete if you don’t get a photograph taken with her. Bought a mermaid fridge magnet (20 Baht) for remembrance.

16.41 Our tour guide cum driver took as to Songkla largest Sleeping Buddha. He is huge. Again, I felt like an ant…. crawling on the ground.

17.15pm Bought some local munchies – fish crackers and coconut snack. Nobody left empty handed.

17.30 Dinner by the riverside, behind the Thai snack shop.

17:50 Dinner was served – seafood Tom Yum, prawn cakes, steam fish, fried “kangkung”, stuffed egg and green mango salad. Aroy mag mag! (Very delicious)

18:48 Dinner finished and went back to hotel.

Thought of watching a movie but the time was not right. Miami Vice was showing. Did some shopping at night – bought a Nike vest from Sports World in Central Shopping Centre and some CDs – Paris Hilton (The Stars Are Blind) single, Mariah Carey (Say Somethin’) single, Madonna (I’m Going to Tell You A Secret) DVD/ CD and a classical album – Mozart for Your Morning Work Out. Nice!

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