Sunday, August 20, 2006

AXN Goodies Bag Posted by Picasa

Verdict: It was an enjoyable race. Felt like I was in the Amazing Race, with the cameras and stuff. Having no experience what to do in front of the camera, I resorted to making silly peace signs and thumb ups to the cameras, not forgetting grinning like boiled dog head (another Chinese expression). Heheh!

Rooms for improvement:

1) Water! Water! Water!

2) Could have told us that the old wing of 1-U is not involved. Spare us from the non-value added long walks.

3) More motorbikes to ferry contestants to BTS. Waiting 1 hour for the bike is simply TORTURING!


Amy for being such a good team player. AXN (The Heart of Action + Adventure) for organising such a memorable race. Other contestants, race marshals and strangers whom I met and helped us to complete the race. My bikers – thank you for the ride and bringing me back safely in one piece. THANK YOU!

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