Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Great Ampang “Haze+Smog” Run

What? MPAJ Run 2006

When? 13 August 2006 (Sunday)

Where? Padang Perbandaran Pandan Indah

Distance? 10km

Organiser? Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ)

MPAJ Run 2006 START Banner Posted by Picasa

I was still groggy when Amy gave me a wake up call at 4:40am. Only had about 3 hours of sleep. Went to watch Ant Bully yesterday midnight show. (Insert 2 yawns here – one for lack of sleep and another for the boring Ant Bully! Enough of talking pesky insect already)

Klang Pacer, KK picked me up at 5:30am. We got lost again on the way to Padang Perbandaran Pandan Indah, just like last year. Heheh! First, we asked a burger seller, then a few guys at a auto workshop but without much progress. Finally we saw a schoolboy wearing the MPAJ run T-shirt walking by the street. So, we stopped to ask. He hopped in into our car and directed us to, not the padang but to his school! Apparently, the schoolboy had to assemble at his school and take the school bus to the start point. So, we tailed the bus and thank God, we made it on time.

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