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We were set off after short briefing. A white envelope containing clues for CP1 to 3 were handed out. We supposed to complete CP1-3 to collect clues for CP4.

We started with CP3.


Clue: Magical fantasy, Whimsical and Enchanting. Picture: Big Fish movie poster.

Easy this one. Of course. Movie Magic is one of my favourite haunt whenever I visit 1-U. We were the first team to arrive.

Task: Look for a highlighted word on a poster.

We walked round and round in the shop. Finally saw some sort of red sticker on a Nelly Furtado poster (red background). HIGHLIGHTED? Highlighted, my foot. The so called highlight can barely be seen without close examination.

Clue for CP4: The letter “A”


Clue: We are now at PAR.

I knew it gotta with golf or PAR paint. Went to the Info counter and asked for Golf shop. The idiot behind the info counter told us to go to the 1-U old wing. Long way to the Golf house at the old wing and then to Jusco. Damn! Wasted lots of time there. There is one Golf House as few shops away from Movie Magic. Felt like going back to the info counter and give the idiot a good be-de-bap!

Task: Each have to putt a golf ball into the hole. Never golfed in my whole life. I managed to score after several attempts.

Clue for CP4: “I AM”


Clue: Fly me to the moon, and let me play among the stars….Let me see what spring is like, on Jupiter and Mars.

Tough one. Firstly, I was sure that the CP would be near the children play park…Galactica Starship! This place could have the clue to a T but we saw nothing there. Nothing! We went up to Golden Screen Cinema, thinking that “stars” could be linked to movie stars. Nope….Not there, either. So, round and round we walked around the mall, cracking our heads Stars could be planets too, right? So we decided to look for IT Planet and Planet Reebok IN THE OLD WINGS! That was a very long walk. CP in IT Planet and Planet Reebok had been shut down! Sharks!

Mental breakdown. Want to give up but then we saw some marshals at Celebrity Fitness. We went over only to find out that it was CP4, not CP2.

What the hey? Maybe the CP was in a record store since the clue was bits of “Fly Me To The Moon” song. Frank Sinatra? OK. Let’s try Tower Records. Nope! Rock Corner? Nope! EZY Videos? Nope!

White flags? Almost.

Then by chance we walked pass a luggage shop and we noticed some “high activities” in it. OK we found CP2. OK. Now we get it. We got it. The key word is FLY. The rest was CRAP!!!! (Insert expletives here) I couldn’t believe this! (Insert eye rolling here!)

Task: Find an AXN tag among the bags.

Rummage. Rummage Rummage……

OK. Found a stack of the tags attached to a bag, hidden underneath a display table. Took out one and gave it to the marshal. The next clue: SUPERSTAR is printed behind the tag.

Put all the CP1 –3 clues together we got “I AM A SUPERSTAR”. (Insert light bulb here)

But then, we already knew where CP4 was…Hmmmm!


Celebrity Fitness Centre.

Amy and I were very thirsty and tired. We asked for water but no water was provided. We were told in the briefing session earlier that water would be provided at all checkpoints. Hmmmm...Someone was not doing his or her job here.

Waited about 30 minutes for our turn.


1km run on treadmill

1 km cross trainer

20 pull ups

Running 1 km was a stroll through the park. (Ahem! We are RUNNER mah…Heheh!) Speed 10. No problem! Amy did the 1km on cross-trainer. Me completed the task with 20 pull-ups. Easy peasy. Heheh! (with assistance of course)

Thank God there was a water cooler at the gym. Bumped into two of my gym ex trainers there. So, they left for Celebrity Fitness! Small world!

We were given a baseball on out way out from Celebrity Fitness, our CP5 clue.


A baseball printed with Hitachi and its tagline - IT’S A HIT on it.

When I think of Hitachi, washing machine and air-con immediately sprung to mind. So we walked Electrical Shop – Best Denki. Nope. Not there.

We ran back to the directory on ground floor. Amy managed to spot “IT’S A HIT” in the listing. Off we went up the lift to the upper roof.

Task: Hit 6 balls collectively with a bat.

Each person given 15 shots to hit. I hit 5 before my balls ran out. Amy only needed to hit one.


Clue: You can’t eat this Turkey.

Turkey! Turkey! Cannot be eaten? Must be the country, Turkey, right? So we scanned for anything Turkish. Traveling agencies? Bad move. No luck at The Bazaar. Again, we walked round and round clueless. Very illusive this big bird. Maybe it was time to really give up? (Insert sigh here!) We tried MPH. Secretly scanned through the thesaurus for Turkey. Still no clues.

Back to the directory. There, we bumped into another team who was frantically looking for CP5 and they knew where CP6 was. Naturally, we traded answers. It was a bowling alley! What? Turkey? Bowling? I am still clueless about the whole turkey-bowling connection. Me no speak bowling lingo and I can’t bowl to save my own life. So there!!!

Task: Strike 10 pins (combined)

Amy did all the work. Me sat down and took a breather in those silly bowling shoes. Heheh!


Clue: Tarzan hometown.

Simple. Headed to the place called THE RAINFOREST - a special section with trees in the mall.

Task: Ask 2 strangers to drink a bottle of mineral water each.

At first I thought it was going to be difficult. But I managed to coax two Indian ladies to do the task for me. Lots of thirsty people in 1-U. Heheh!

I was thirsty too. I asked the marshal for a bottle and was flatly refused. Still no water! No money. No water. This was worse than a marathon, man!

At CP7A, we were told that we have to split. One person to go to Berjaya Times Square and one had to remain at 1-U to complete some physical challenges. Amy decided to stay. So off I went to the taxi stand as instructed, thinking that I would be whisked to BTS in the comfort of air-con Taxi. Ooops! Nope! No taxi! Our mode of transport was kap cai! Yikes! Motorbikes?

I waited for alomost 1 hour for my ride. The ride was a 90kph zoom to downtown KL, Mat Rempit style! Ziz-zagging though traffic. I was horrified at one point to see my biker was squeezing his pimples with one hand and riding the bike with the other. I held on with my dear life.

The ride took about 20 minutes. I timed it. Two tasks to be completed at BTS. Jeng..Jeng..Jeng...

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