Sunday, August 20, 2006

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I arrived back safely to 1-U. Amy had not finished her tasks yet. I hope she was all right. After waiting for about 15 minutes, I was relieved when I saw Amy arriving at the taxi stand.

Amy’s Challenge


Clue: Rock A Bye Baby

Task: Rock climbing. Amy did well in it.


Clue: See picture.

Answers: Giant (The picture is from Big Fish movie poster)

Task: SHOPPING! Amy had to pick up a list of items from Giant Supermart. Should be easy for homemaker like her. Heheh!

1. 100 plus isotonic drink 325 ml [1 unit]

2. Char Cha Sunflower seeds with coconut flavour dried fruit 80gm [1unit]

3. Mr Potato chips original flavour 160gm [1 unit]

4. Pro Dental Toothbrush medium / soft [1 unit]

5. Darlie tooth paste 175gm [1 unit]

6. Strepsils Chesty cough [1 unit]

7. Sotong flakes 160 gm [1 unit]

8. Ser Ai Ji Yang Chow Mixed Fried Rice [1 unit]

9. Cheezels Pizza 60gm [1 unit]

10. Rex Adhesive tape metal hooks [1 unit]

11 L Oreal Facial Cleanser Gel 100ml [1 unit]

12. Ayam A1 155 gm [1 unit]

13. S&P Coconut powder 50gm [1 unit]

14. Anlene Strawberry Yogurt Drink -small [1 unit]

Can we drink the 100plus?? We were damn THIRSTY, man! Heheh!


Clue: See picture – WWF for a living the planet.

I don’t really know how to decipher this clue but we did chance upon this CP while looking for CP7 earlier.

Task: Transfer 5 eggs with a string withut breaking them. If you break it, you have to eat it. Amy had to eat one. Heheh!

We were reunited at CP11. Together we have to piece back a jigsaw puzzle og the AXN Mall Challenge logo.

No sweat-lah.


Clue: No boarding without a ticket please.

SUBWAY could have been the answer. We zoomed down to LG floor only to find people gorging on their 6-inchers. Sandwiches, my boy. Sandwiches. What were you thinking? No marshal here.

Next stop? Kluang Station Café. Yup! Found it.

No task here but we were given the next clue.

CP 13

Clue: Home Sweet Home

No need to ask Ah Kuai, (Chinese expression. Heheh!) we knew that home sweet home meant back to the START/ FINISH point.

Task: Walk backward wearing gigantic clogs ala Sayuri’s in Memoir of Geisha Heheh! Need some balancing skills here.

Then crawled on our fours through an obstacle course laden with foot reflexology pebbles. Ouch! Damn painful-lah!

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