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Celebrate International Women's Day 2010 in a Walkathon with 3R

What? International Women's Day Celebration with 3R

Where? Central Park, 1-Utama

When? 13 March 2010 (Saturday)

Who? Hosted by 3R (Respect, Relax, Respond) - Celina, Rafidah & Tini.

3R celebrates International Women's Day this year with the theme "Equal Rights, Equal Opportunities, Progress For All"

Supported by UNICEF, 3R is also collaborating with JAG (Joint Action Group for Gender Equality) which consist of All Women's action Society Malaysia (AWAM), Women's Aid Organisation (WAO), Sisters IN Islam (SIS) and Empower.

Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir, the executive producer for the TV program 3R attended the press conference held at La Bodega Lounge, Bangsar yesterday.

It was my privilege to be in a room full of strong, independent and wonderful women! :)

The main objectives of the celebrations are...

1) To provide a platform for agencies to come together to hold such activities to empower women, including goverment organizations, NGOs, corporate bodies, media and youths.

2) To create awareness and educate the public on women's and children's rights.

3) To share the importance of our rights and equal opportunities given to all without bias towards gender, skin colour or culture so that progress can be made. (Isn't this what 1Malaysia is supposed to be? :P)

4)To attract law makers' attention to the need of equal rights and opportunities for women in all sectors.

International Women's Day 2010 celebration's concept is festival in the park, which will be held at Central Park, 1-Utama on 13th March 2010 (Saturday) starting from 12 noon to 8pm.

There will be various interesting activities planned to create the public's attention. Please watch the video later for more info.

My main interest is the Solidarity Walkathon. It is estimated about 1,000 participants to participate in the 2km walk around Bandar Utama, whilst carrying banners with messages such as "Equal Rights, Equal Opportunities, Progress for All"

The warm up session will be led by trainers from Celebrity Fitness.

Show you care. Get your friends and loved ones to walk with 3R in solidarity with women and girls in Malaysia and around the world - SMS Name, No. IC, Phone number dan email address to 012 519 1763 or send an email of your particulars to

Registration is FREE!

Limited 3R T-shirts wll be given to participants. So, if you want it, you need to pre-register to get it on the day of the event.

Every participant will be given a 3R whistle too! :)

What are you supposed to do with the whistle?

Well, you can blow it like Celina....while being cheered by Dayang Nurfaizah.

Or ask someone to help you with the blow like Tini. Assisting her is singer, Lah Ahmad (VE).

Or shock your neighbour by blowing it like Rafidah. Just kidding. LOL!

Well, actually the whistle blow is about getting YOUR voices heard. It is symbolic tool in raising awareness, to draw attention, to take control and to be alert!

It is also a handy tool to carry in case of emergency when you go for jungle hiking, boating and erm.....concert (?!)

Speaking of concert, there will be great artistes lined up for the show at the celebraton. My favourite local singer - Dayang Nurfaizah will be singing two songs. Joining her are Aizat, Vince Chong, Azlan & the Typewriter, Jin Hackman & Shazet beatboxer, One Nation Emcees and Lah Ahmad. Heheh!

Video time!!!

Hear from Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir herself about how International Women's Day is celebrated in other countries and the programs lined up on the 13 March 2010.

Not forgetting some suggestions from the 3R teams on the solidarity walkathon.


For more pictures of Dayang Nurfaizah @ La Bodega, CLICK HERE.

For more info on International Women's Day Walkathon with 3R, CLICK HERE


I also took ths picture at the press conference yesterday. If you want to find out what is it all about, do come to Central Park, 1-Utama on the 13 March. :)

Acknowledgments: runwitme would like to extend his sincere gratitude to Colleen for the invitation, 3R and Dayang Nurfaizah. See you on the 13th!

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