Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Zee "Kantoi" Avi Autograph Signing @ Rock Corner

What? Zee Avi Autograph Signing Session

Where? Rock Corner, The Gardens, KL.

When? 23 March 2010

Who? The first women to be signed under Jack Johnson's Brushfire Records. Our very own, Zee Avi.

I was already at MidValley around 6:30pm for this. OK, I am a fan. I support local acts other than Dayang Nurfaizah. :)

Zee Avi arrived at around 8:18pm. Autograph session started about 8:30pm. I was the first few in line. I got my CD signed and then quickly ushered out from the shop by the record company people.

Zee Avi that night came across to me as a little girl who was playing dress up with mummy's cloths. Bright red lipstick. Big, I mean really big hair. Leopard print dress. My gawd, that girl is just 24! But why is she trying to look like a 44 year old auntie? Her hair and dressing reminds me of one First Auntie Rose Ma. ;)

Anyway, love her for her talent, not her dressing. :)

Her songs have been in heavy rotation in my playlist recently. My favourites are Bitter Heart, Honey Bee, Monte and the dopey, Poppy!

"No photo! No photo! Media only!"

I was quite annoyed at the "no photo rule" which was suddenly imposed on us.

Personally I think autograph session is meant for the FANS. Not only for media! What's wrong if we, fans want to take some photographs of our favourite artiste?

Without us fans/ record buyers, you think they have a job? I was not even blocking or in anyway disrupt the flow of the event. KANTOI! (Insert sigh here!)

I didn't have many good photos since the overzealous "bodyguards" kept shoving their dirty hands to my lens. I got some ugly ones partly because Zee Avi was chewing her gums like a cud chewing cow. But I am not gonna post it here. :)

OK-lah. No photo, I shoot video lor! Heheh! Check it out.


5 Comment Wit Me:

Danny Foo


Interesting video. Though I think Ariel would kill you for that shot. LOL!



HA! What's this ar? >:(



Kantoi! :P



hii.. I like Zee Avi too :)

yeah...those people was soo annoying.. fan should be given chance to take photos.. this is not smthing privacy life of avi but it's just an autograph session..owhh man



i got der CD liao!

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