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Tesco Walk for Schools 2010

This week I have a guest blogger for Tesco Walk - carriedragongirl (小龍女). Heheh! (I was just too lazy to move my @$$ out of bed on last Sunday morning). It was her maiden walk! ENJOY!

What? Tesco Walk for Schools

Where? Dataran Merdeka through the scenic Lake Gardens

When? 07 March 2010

Who? Tesco Stores (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

For who and what? To collect a minimum of RM100,000 which will benefit 100 schools in the Klang Valley

How long? 4.5km

How much? RM10 for adults and RM5 for school children

7.15 am - Rannie, Soo Yee and I reached Merdeka Square for our maiden participation in such an event. A 4.5km walk did not seem too intimidating for potatoes like us.

We hung around the Merdeka Square taking photos and taking in the sights, sounds and activities around us - hoards of school kids, loud speakers blaring, tents with free drinks and cereal samplings awaiting us after the walk :)

7.45am – We assembled at the starting point. At a glance, there were many people behind us. We were lucky to be quite near the starting point, yet worried about a stampede if they started pushing and shoving!

7.55am - The horn was sounded. Off we went. Hyper-active school kids were running ahead of us. Our walking tempo was, well....at Adagio

Walking up some slopes were tedious, so we tried this out:


Hey, it really works! Try it!

There was only one poorly-manned water station and most were helping themselves to the 500ml mineral water bottles instead of the plastic cups. Those who drank from the cups littered indiscrimately. The organizers should just give participants a 500ml bottled water each to minimize littering. We were talking about anything and everything.

Soon, we reached Tugu Negara/ National Monument and realized that the race was almost done. That was fast!

We did it in an hour, minus the pauses for photo-taking sessions. Will we go for another walk? Yes, for a similarly short distance walk.

Overall, it was a good experience for novices like us.

We enjoyed the product sampling – various drinks and cereals. Yum Yum…

Everyone got a cert for his/ her participation!

As this was my maiden walk, I could not compare it with other events. My only complaint is the littering during the walk and on the Merdeka Square where product sampling cups were strewn everywhere, even with litter bins provided. UGLY Malaysians with DIRTY habits.

Goodie bag consisted of

Hor Yan Hor herbal tea (sour plum flavor) 250ml X 1

Brylcreem Define Hybridz Cream 50ml X 1

Tesco Prawn Flavoured Snacks 25g X 2

Tesco Light Choices Pre-Mixed Cereal Drink X 2

Pallas sCool White schoolshoe whitener 150ml X 2

Kiwi Clean floor cleaner 250ml X 2

runwitme: Great job! 小龍女...Hope to see you in more walks ya...

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Many thanks for the post, runwitme :-D

I'll do the shorties while u do the marathons and half-marathons :-D

carriedragongirl / 小龍女

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