Monday, March 22, 2010

No Sweat

Perspiration, or sweat, is your body's way of cooling itself, whether that extra heat comes from hardworking muscles or from over-stimulated nerves.

The average person has 2.6 million sweat glands in their skin. Sweat glands are distributed all over the body -- except for the lips, nipples and external genital organs. (Those organs “sweat” some other liquids...LOL!)

Sweating even though is good for the body temperature regulation, it also comes with a curse – B.O. abbreviated from Body Odour or scientifically called bromhidrosis. It is the smell of bacteria growing on the body. These bacteria multiply rapidly in the presence of sweat even though the sweat itself is almost completely odourless to humans.

As a runner I also encounter many smelly runners with B.O problem. As you know, runners tend to sweat like nobody business.

The problem usually starts even before the run - at the waiting pen at the start line when runners are huddled together in the cramp area. Thank god I am bless with tall genes otherwise I would have fainted even before the blast the gun! Heheh!

Like other runners, I do sweat buckets when I run.

I usually try to minimize the effect of sweat by applying some kind of anti-perspirant before the race - as a courtesy to my fellow runners. I do not want them to be knocked down by a sudden whiff of B.O. from me, NOT that I have that problem. Ahem! Nobody has ever approach me with this problem before. I hope NOT! LOL!

FYI, Antiperspirants, prevent odour and reduce sweat produced by parts of the body. Antiperspirants are typically applied to the underarms.

Some runners do smell awful compared to others. It could be due to race factor or food intake. When I encounter a smelly runner, I usually will put on my turbo and quicken my pace to overtake him. I think I could better my personal best with more smelly runners out there. LOL!

But if that doesn’t work, I will slow down to create a distance between us. It’s not a fabulous feeling running behind a garbage truck.

If you have sweat problem or B.O., here's one of the many solutions out there for you...

It's NO SWEAT at all!

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